Science And Prayer -- By: William W. Kinsley

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 049:193 (Jan 1892)
Article: Science And Prayer
Author: William W. Kinsley

Science And Prayer

William W. Kinsley

I HAVE thus far attempted to show—

1. How God can interfere in nature whenever he chooses without working any confusion, abrogating any law, or destroying any force;

2. That he has thus actually interfered, and that repeatedly;

3. That we are, each one of us, of sufficient importance to warrant his interfering for us.

I now desire to consider whether we can reasonably believe that he will interfere because we ask him, doing for us what otherwise he would not have done.

In following out the different lines of inquiry suggested by this theme, we have found the whole earth instinct with the Divine Presence, that whichever way we turn we stand face to face with nature’s God, witnessing not only finished works replete with his thought, but works still being carried on by organized and tireless living forces. These forces we have found wrapped in such unfathomable mystery, working right before our very eyes with such unabated vigor, such wondrous precision, such wisdom, such irresistibleness of movement, that we have recognized divine thought and divine power in every bit of rock crystal, every pendent leaf, every tint of sky or painted petal, every liquid note of bird, or restless tongue of flame. And it has greatly enhanced our pleasure to

find that our own minds are so akin to the divine that we can trace with clear, interpretive insight the great trend of God’s thoughts through the ages as they have become incarnated one by one; for when, from off that illumined face confronting us everywhere, there thus fades that strange far-away look and in its stead comes an answering glance of recognition and kindly greeting, that face apparently draws so near we can all but feel its warm touch upon our cheek, look down into the infinite depths of its love-lit eyes, and see the parting of its lips as they break the long-kept silence with words of benediction.

But it appearing that these forces are derivative and delegated, rather than direct acts of divine will, we have found that we must take other steps in our thinking before we can reach that assurance, for which every human heart hungers, of God’s still being present on this earth and still actively interested in it; for otherwise, what grounds have we for believing that these forces were not fully commissioned ages ago, and that since then God has gone far into the stellar depths to people other planets and never once come back again or even given this little globe a passing thought? for otherwise, how do we know but that the earth is nothing more than a finished piece of mechanism, like the watches we carry, a...

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