Science And Christ -- By: William W. Kinsley

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 050:200 (Oct 1893)
Article: Science And Christ
Author: William W. Kinsley

Science And Christ

William W. Kinsley

Availing ourselves thus of the light of modern science in our attempted explanation of the eternal destiny of souls, we can but conclude, first, that whoever stubbornly rebels against these inexorable systems of law under which every one is necessarily placed at the very birth of being, and persists in that rebellion, which he has the power to do; whoever, in other words, refuses to hold in vitalizing subjection the under forces of his most complicate nature, and to yield lovingly to the vitalizing influences of the upper and divine, will under these very laws be finally pushed out of his present state of self-conscious being and lose forever his gift of sovereignty. If the body, the intellect, and the spirit are, as we have attempted to show, not only organisms in themselves but parts of the great world-organism, dissonance, disorder in any particular, will, unless arrested, spread confusion throughout the whole, and end eventually in total wreck.

Science thus reveals the awful fact of an impending doom of utter annihilation of self-consciousness and sovereignty to every incorrigible rebel in God’s realm, for the very exigencies of the case demand this, the very fact that we are organized units, and as such are composed of complemental parts, having an intimate interplay and interdependence, and that we are parts of still wider organisms, and they of wider still, until the bounds of the human race

are reached, and it may be the very bounds of being, as the planets and solar systems and sun clusters of the universe circle at last orbit within orbit, in one vast sweep, in grand majestic harmony around God’s central throne.

We witness every day the body as an organism passing under the doom of annihilation through the disintegrating power of the under forces which have broken away from the control of the upper. Faculty after faculty of the intellect we have seen disappear through violation of the laws of mind, until, finally, all evidence of any continued thought-life ceases. Science has furnished a strong presumption at least, through the analogies of nature, that the soul also is organic, and must depend for continued self-conscious existence, on the harmonious interplay of its parts, on the maintenance of its mastery over the under forces and its implicit and ready obedience to the upper. There are, as we have seen, no other conditions of liberty, and without liberty there can be no perpetuity of any organic life. It is now a rapidly growing belief among Bible students, that the final annihilation of the conscious self-hood of the incorrigibly wicked is revealed in God’s word as well as in his works. Converts to this creed are now numbered b...

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