Judaism In Recent Literature. -- By: W. E. Barton

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 051:204 (Oct 1894)
Article: Judaism In Recent Literature.
Author: W. E. Barton

Judaism In Recent Literature.

W. E. Barton

Boston, Mass.

There are three notable books on Judaism, each of which deserves a word of comment and of commendation. The author of the first work is favorably known through his writings, and his position of Professor at the Hebrew Union College; the second volume is by many Hebrew authors, of varying celebrity; and the third is by an unknown author. The first treats of the literature of past ages; the second, while dealing with history, treats also largely of present themes and opportunities; and the third is a plea in favor of the Jews, and intended to be read by the Jews and by others, and largely concerns the future.

Professor Mielziner’s work4 is divided into three parts, of which Part First contains the Introduction proper. We give its table of contents: I. The Mishna. Its Origin, Compilation, Division, and Language. Names and general contents of its sixty-three tracts; II. Works kindred to the Mishna: —Tosephta, Mechilta, Siphra, Siphri; fragmentary Baraithoth; III. The Authorities of the Mishna. Biographical sketches and characteristics of the principal Tanaim; IV. The Expounders of the Mishna. Biographical sketches and characteristics of the principal Amoraim; V. The Gemara. Classification of its contents into Halacha and Agada;VI. Complications of the Palestinean and of the Babylonian Talmud; VII. Apocryphal Appendices to the Talmud; VIII. Commentaries on the Talmud; IX. Epitomes and Codifications of the Talmud; X. Manuscripts and Printed Editions; XI. Auxiliaries to the Study of the Talmud; XII. Translations into Latin and Modern Languages; XIII. Bibliography of Modern Works and Monographs on Talmudical Subjects; XIV. Opinions on the Value of the Talmud.

Part Second is devoted to Talmudical Hermeneutics, and Part Third to Talmudical Terminology and Methodology. All, of whatever faith, who have occasion to devote careful study to the Talmud, will be aided by this work.

The second book worthy of mention5 contains the papers read at the Jewish Denominational Congress, the Jewish Women’s Congress, and the Jewish Presentation at the Parliament of Religions Proper. Among its more noteworthy papers are: The Theology of Judaism, by Rev. Dr. Isaac M. Wise, of Cincinnati; The Synagogue and the Church and their Mutual Relations, with Reference to their Ethical Teachings, by Rev. Dr. K. Kohler, New York; The Ideals of Judaism, by Rev. Dr. E . G. Hirsch, Chicago; Judaism and the Modern State, by Rev. Dr. David

Philipson, Cincinnati; Judaism and the Social...

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