Professor Park’s Ninetieth Anniversary -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 056:222 (Apr 1899)
Article: Professor Park’s Ninetieth Anniversary
Author: Anonymous

Professor Park’s Ninetieth Anniversary

With Letters From Pupils And Friends

Professor Edwards A. Park, D.D., LL.D., was forty years editor of the Bibliotheca Sacra. His ninetieth anniversary, December 29, 1898, a very noteworthy occasion in itself, has been made memorable by his pupils and friends, who sent to him a great number of letters of respect and congratulation, and more than a hundred of them intended for publication. These letters exhibit Professor Park’s system of theology as judged by its fruits in three generations. They very largely represent expert and even eminent opinion. If space permitted, we should like to publish the entire list of this remarkably rich and satisfactory collection of testimonies to the intellectual and spiritual value of Professor Park’s presentation of New England theology when applied by his pupils in the churches to the holy of holies of the religious life and to the practical problems that have confronted them in all parts of our nation. We are allowed to make the following extracts, which may appropriately find place in a great quarterly of which he was one of the founders.

Professor Alexander V. G. Allen, D.D., Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Mass.:—I should like to be counted among those who will take the occasion of the anniversary of your birthday to offer you their tribute of gratitude, reverence, and affection. Although I

did not belong to the same household in the common faith, yet when I went to Andover I was received as kindly as if I did, and there was no discrimination. The year during which I attended your lectures was most memorable to me, as it has ever since remained

most fruitful in my life. It was the first time I had come under the influence of a great living teacher, and I honor myself when I say I was aware of my privilege, and that though anticipating great things, the reality was greater than the anticipation. It is good for a young man to come reverently and in a docile spirit when he has such an opportunity; to cultivate devotion and admiration; not to criticize but to receive in glad submission. A great part of our best training comes through admiration of the teacher. It was your signal gift and rich endowment to be such a teacher as to command the unbounded devotion of your pupils. Such a teacher comes but rarely, a gift of heaven, yet also the result of ages of preparation. Such a teacher in theology you were to us, unexampled in the power of creating a deep interest in the su...

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