The Story Of Eve’s Creation -- By: Samuel Whittlesey Howland

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 060:237 (Jan 1903)
Article: The Story Of Eve’s Creation
Author: Samuel Whittlesey Howland

The Story Of Eve’s Creation

Rev. Samuel W. Howland

This story is now commonly relegated to the same class as the creation myths of the Greeks, Hindus, South Sea Islanders, and others. But it seems rather to be in a class by itself, inasmuch as some of them have the nature of folk-lore, or stories fancifully invented to explain facts, and others are based on a superstitious exaltation of natural forces. The account of creation, or accounts, in Genesis, seem rather to be a sober, reasonable narration, with nothing fanciful, at least until the appearance of Eve. This part, as usually understood, appears unnatural and almost bizarre; and yet the narrator, whoever he was, seems to have meant what he said and to have been fully assured that he was narrating fact. This being the case, it would be interesting to discover, if possible, the ground for his soberness of style as well as confidence of manner. Let us see if Imagination, based on facts and restrained by Reason, cannot help us in this case, when she has been so helpful in the progress of the sciences and the arts. We are compelled to admit evolution as a fact of method. However unsatisfactory it may be as an explanation of the forces that have caused the progress manifest in the history of the world before man, there can be no question but that it has been the method that God employed, and that the various species of plants and animals have been derived from simpler and lower forms. We who recognize teleology and Providence find no difficulty in accepting a Divine overruling, or control, in all Nature, so that all events

work together for good to those who love God, and that all history moves on to one divine far-off event. In the evolution of species, the Divine Evolver, by an interference in Nature similar to that which he is continually exercising in Providence, as we can see day by day, might exercise a control like that by which breeders and gardeners secure highly developed varieties of animals and plants according to their desire, and so secure various species of plants and animals, which not only fill a useful place in the scheme of Nature, but also point forward to the perfect animal, man, which the animals at least, each in its place, typify and prefigure. That this must have been the process, the unmistakable evidences of design compel us to admit. But leading evolutionists confess the necessity of outside forces brought in to account for man’s rational nature, and so agree with the Bible statement, that man’s spirit is a gift from God, as I have pointed out in a previous article.

Evolutionists have been fond of trying to discredit the Bible in the line of chronology, demanding many billions of years for the process of evolution; but leading sci...

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