The Bible Verbally Inspired -- By: W. A. Jarrel

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 064:253 (Jan 1907)
Article: The Bible Verbally Inspired
Author: W. A. Jarrel

The Bible Verbally Inspired

W. A. Jarrel

All orthodox scholars agree that the substance of the whole Bible is fully inspired of God; that, being fully inspired of him, it is wholly infallible. To be sure, as this article means, these scholars mean that only the originals, whence all copies and translations are made, are inspired. But, though all orthodox scholars hold that all Bible matter is inspired, some of them hold that the words of the Bible are all inspired; others of these scholars hold that only the matter was inspired,—that the inspired penmen were in no degree inspired in the selection of the words in which they convey the Bible matter. By inspiration of the words of the Bible I do not mean that they were always “dictated,” but that the sacred penmen were infallibly guided in their selection. Of course, while this article incidentally proves the Bible inspired, it presumes its inspiration, and confines itself to proving its verbal inspiration. The limit of this article permits the statement and the demonstration of only some of the proofs for verbal inspiration.

1. To infallibly inspire the matter of the bible without inspiring the words in which that matter is revealed is an impossibility.

1. An infallibly inspired revelation necessitates that the medium through whom the revelation is made, infallibly select the language in which he conveys it. Inasmuch as no one will claim that the writers of the Bible, without inspiration of God, could infallibly use language, we are shut up to the position

that the words of the Bible are inspired, or that God never gave to man an infallible revelation.1

2. Remembering that the writers of the Bible were “unlearned ignorant men,” with few exceptions, and that much of the Bible is above the comprehension of the most learned, the impossibility of the inspiration of the Bible without the inspiration of its words the more certainly appears. Peter says, that the Old Testament prophets did not understand the inspired messages that were conveyed through them to the New Testament age (1 Peter 1:10). Think how great a portion of the Old Testament prophecies, as well as of the New, is not yet understood by the most learned and devout scholars! Only Christ and his inspired apostles have ever given us infallibly the meaning of the Old Testament—so far as they have expounded it. Who needs be told that no one can correctly write or speak, even though he be the most learned, on a subject that is above his comprehension or of which he is essentially ignorant! To think of Bible writers writing truths that are far beyond the discovery...

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