Theological Unrest In England -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 065:258 (Apr 1908)
Article: Theological Unrest In England
Author: Anonymous

Theological Unrest In England

Heterodox tendencies have become so strong in England, especially under the lead of Rev. R. J. Campbell, that a formidable body of the leaders of the Congregational churches have felt called upon to issue the following statement of doctrine: —

“As men who have been called to the representative post of chairmen of the Union, or as heads of Congregational colleges, we think, in the theological unrest which has invaded the churches, that good may result from making a brief statement of some things, most surely believed among us, which require at the present time emphatic affirmation.

“Our hope is that the statement may not only help those who within our own borders are disturbed by current controversies, but also assure our fellow Christians of other Communions that we hold fast ‘the faith once for all delivered to the saints/ At the same time we are eager, in the interests of a progressive evangelical theology, to receive all new light and truth which may break forth from the Word.

“1. We believe in the Personality of God the Father, transcend-ant as Maker and Ruler of all things, and yet, through His eternal Spirit, immanent in the world, and particularly in man and his history.

“2. We believe that sin, so far from being necessary to man’s development, is, as a distrust of God and disobedience to Him, a perversion of the moral and religious nature which, apart from redemption, would involve man in ruin.

“3. We believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, came into the world to reveal the holy love and grace of God, and to redeem man by the sacrifice of Himself once for all upon the Cross for the sin of the world, so conveying to the individual believer the Divine pardon.

“4. We believe that this pardon is appropriated by faith in Jesus Christ, and that by this faith the Holy Spirit, producing union with the living Lord, regenerates human nature to eternal life.

“5. We believe that the regenerate are the true Church to which, among other sacred obligations, is committed the task of transforming the world, morally and socially, into the Kingdom of God.

“6. We believe that the Bible is God’s Book, because it enshrines the divine revelation culminating in the historic coming of Christ, His life, death, and resurrection, and the Gospel therein contained.

“7. We believe that all truth is to be received as from God, and that the apparent conflict between science and religion not only can be adjusted, but is at the present time approaching a reconciliation.

“These in our judgment are...

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