“Deuteronomy: Its Place In Revelation” -- By: Harold M. Wiener

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 069:276 (Oct 1912)
Article: “Deuteronomy: Its Place In Revelation”
Author: Harold M. Wiener

“Deuteronomy: Its Place In Revelation”1

Harold M. Wiener

The first feeling that this book arouses is one of hearty congratulation to Mr. J. S. Griffiths, who has at last succeeded where so many of his predecessors have failed; and one is tempted to linger over this, because it is the only pleasant thing that can be said about or in connection with the volume. One conservative writer after another has published books and articles attacking the higher critical theory, only to find that no notice whatever was taken of him by those who had control of the Universities and the technical press. Mr. Griffiths has, however, had a different experience. It appears to have been felt that he could not safely be left unnoticed, and accordingly Dr. McNeile has published the present volume, with a preface by himself and a foreword by Dr. Driver.

The following sentences from the preface are material from the point of view of anybody seeking to estimate the book: —

“Those who are unacquainted with Hebrew, or who lack the time or opportunity to study commentaries, may find it helpful to have before them a simple study of the subject, free, for the most part, from technicalities, and entirely free

from novel theories or speculations. The results presented in this little volume are those which have received the assent of the great majority of modern Hebrew scholars. Unfortunately, however, it is still necessary to defend them against some writers who continue to cling, in the face of evidence, to the Mosaic authorship of the book. I owe warm thanks to the Rev. Canon Driver, D.D., Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford, both for contributing a foreword to the volume, and for reading the proofs and making several valuable suggestions.”

The following extracts from Dr. Driver’s foreword are also germane to our task:—

“I have great pleasure in commending this book to readers interested in the Old Testament. It is the work of a competent and accomplished scholar; it is eminently readable; and though small in size, and unpretentious, it is full of valuable and instructive matter. The grounds for the date assigned to it [Deuteronomy] by modern critics are clearly stated; and the arguments adduced on the other side are shewn, as the result of a careful and patient examination, to be in all cases insufficient, and in some cases to rest upon amazing misconceptions of matters of fact.”

I propose to show, that, in point of fact, this book, so far from being the work of an honest scholar, is a deliberate attempt to deceive the public; and that it, in fact, contains statements wh...

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