The Book of Enlightenment -- By: William E. Barton

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 070:279 (Jul 1913)
Article: The Book of Enlightenment
Author: William E. Barton

The Book of Enlightenment

William E. Barton

by Jacob, The Son Of Aaron, Samaritan High Priest, Nablus, Palestine.1

V. The Passover when the Date Falls on the Sabbath.

To the question, Suppose that the Passover should fall on the Sabbath, why is it that sacrifices must take place on the day Friday after sunset, and what are the reasons therefor? my answer here follows.

And my success comes from God.
Praise be to him who is a generous Giver,
Who directs to the right path,
Who does according to his own will,
And as he chooses to do.

In answer to this question, namely, of offering the sacrifice of the Passover when it falls on the Sabbath, and why we are obliged to kill the sacrifice on Friday, I would say, first, that on the Sabbath all manner of work is absolutely prohibited, in accordance with the words of the decalogue, “Do not do any work on it, for he who does any work on it shall die.” References of this nature are many in which work is prohibited on the Sabbath. On this account our learned men (may the Lord grant them forgiveness) inferred that the Passover should be done on Friday, as he

said, “Do not leave anything of it until the morning.” Then he added, “and whatever may be left of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire “; for this addition is surely meant to be performed in case the Passover falls on the Sabbath, for why should God repeat in the same line the same prohibition given before? He said, also, in another place, in Deut. 16:4 “There shall not be left any of the flesh which thou shalt sacrifice on the first day until the morning.” This, also, would indicate to us that the sacrifice would take place only at sunset. It surely explains what must be done in case the Passover falls on the Sabbath. For the sacrifices then may be eaten on the Sabbath; and should there be left any bones or parts of it or flesh, they must all be burned in the night of Sunday. The following reference is given in regard to the sacrifice of the Passover when it happens on the Sabbath: “On the first month on the fourteenth day of the month, between the two evenings, ye shall have the Passover for the Lord” (Lev. 23:5). Now God did not mention “between the two evenings,” except when he had in view the falling of the Passover on the Sabbath. The evenings with us number three: first, the going down of the sun in a westerly direction; second, the immersion of the disk of the sun into the sea; and, third, the disappearance of the redness of the western skies fr...

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