“The Student’s Theodore” -- By: Y. Gola

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 076:302 (Apr 1919)
Article: “The Student’s Theodore”
Author: Y. Gola

“The Student’s Theodore”

Y. Gola

Lhasa University

“[The following pages, written by Professor Gola, of Lhasa University, form the introduction to the revised edition of Dr. Budna Klio’s well-known work to be issued early in the spring of 3814.

Charles De Wolfe Brower.1 ]

It affords me great pleasure to have the high privilege of supplying the foreword for the new and enlarged edi-

tion of my esteemed colleague’s volume which now appears under a slightly changed title.

Nine years have passed since the first edition of “The Theodore Myth “was issued. Its reception was most gratifying. It was adopted for supplementary reading in the Tibetan secondary schools, and has had general circulation throughout Asia, while the demand from Africa has been larger even than was expected. On account of the results presented in the work, but also on account of the method of approach and treatment of the subject, it has fully maintained the reputation of Lhasa University, and fulfilled the expectation of Dr. Kho’s friends.

Meantime, the author has continued his researches, and, taking advantage of the liberal provision made by the University for travel, has visited by air ship the regions where once flourished the great cities of the American eastern coast. By use of deep-sea diving, and investigations among the people who still linger among the adjacent hills, he has procured additional data of marked value. He has, besides, had the cooperation of the scholarly Professor Mgandu, of the Zulu Philological Society. With this additional preparation and assistance and in view of the popularity of the first work, a new edition of “Theodore,” revised to date, was warranted; but also, and emphatically, because of the attacks made in recent years, and growing more bold, on the very historicity of this ancient character. Magazine articles and addresses before the learned societies of Asia and Africa culminated in a volume which has attempted to discredit the results of Dr. Kho’s work. The revised work appears with the title “The Student’s Theodore.”

It remains for me to present only a few comprehensive statements regarding the problem to the solution of which my learned associate has given so much profound study for many years, with such satisfactory results.

Accepting the historicity of the remarkable man, Theodore, who lived about two thousand years ago, as proved by voluminous testimony, the problem was to isolate the

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