Science Ignorant Of Origins -- By: William Wallace Everts

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 080:318 (Apr 1923)
Article: Science Ignorant Of Origins
Author: William Wallace Everts

Science Ignorant Of Origins

William Wallace Everts

What Do Astronomers Know of the Origin of the Universe?

H. Poincare, in his preface to his “Lessons from the Hypotheses of Cosmogony,” says: “The hypotheses are very numerous and all uncertain.” On page XXIV he adds: “The explanations lose in precision what they gain in extent. We can only terminate with an interrogation point.”

In his “Foundations of Science” he adds:

“We know that from all time the minor planets have obeyed the laws of Kepler but we do not know what was their initial distribution. Matter seems more and more complex. At each instant our formulas require new terms. It matters little to us whether Ether really exists. No doubt some day the Ether will be thrown away as useless. We know nothing as to what the Ether is.”1

W. Wundt says:

“We must halt at conditions of the beginning and the end. There is no standpoint from which to conduct investigations further in either direction.”2

Kant maintained that there was equally good and complete demonstration for holding both that the world had and had not a beginning in time, both that it is produced by free agency and by an infinite series of necessary antecedents and both subject to and exempt from the condition of causality.3

Sedgwick and Tyler, in their “Short History of Science,” agree with Kant when they say:

“Geology teaches that there can be found no trace of a beginning, no prospect of an end. The modern theory of evolution makes no pretense to solve the problem of the origin of the cosmos.”4

The Nebular hypothesis of the origin of the solar system announced by Laplace, so long in favor, has met with a fatal blow, which is thus described by Von Sittel in his “History of Geology.”

“The uniformity of rotation of all bodies in the solar system is a fundamental conception of the nebular hypothesis of Laplace. All moons and satellites move from West to East, Laplace said. He did not know that the Satellites of Neptune and Uranus were moving from East to West.”5

James Hutton avers that “There is no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end.”6

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