The Unreasonableness Of Denying The Deity Of Christ -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 080:319 (Jul 1923)
Article: The Unreasonableness Of Denying The Deity Of Christ
Author: Anonymous

The Unreasonableness Of Denying The Deity Of Christ

The Person of Christ has long been a theological storm centre. Was Jesus the Son of God? Neutrality on this great question is impossible. There is no middle ground. Belief in the Deity of Christ is fundamental. It is the heart of faith, the dynamic of power, and the citadel of Christianity. To deny that Christ is God’s Son is grossly to dishonor Him. Let Christians, then, stand up for the Deity of Jesus Christ as loyally and courageously as they defend their flag and the reputation of their loved ones.

To deny the Divinity of our Lord leads to three unthinkable conclusions.


If Jesus was not Divine, then we are forced to the unthinkable conclusion that the falsest Book ever written has been the mightiest force for good in all the world’s history.

The Scriptures witness throughout to the Deity of Christ. The Old Testament abounds in prophecies of a Coming Messiah. These predictions were strikingly fulfilled in Christ. Jesus made the strongest possible claims to Deity. His earthly life was such as only God could live. The New Testament from beginning to end is built upon the assumption that Christ was Divine. The central theme of the whole Bible is that Christ came as God’s Son to redeem the world.

If Christ was not Divine, then the whole Bible is a lie. The patriarchs were deceived by phantom hopes. The Psalmist was the victim of rosy fancies. The prophets fooled the people with empty promises. Jesus was either an imposter or a lunatic. His Apostles were gullible simpletons. The early church was built upon a fraud. If the very heart of the Bible thus proves false, dare we

*This excellent article was unsigned. In some way it became separated from the letter accompanying it and it is impossible to identify the author with certainty. If he will kindly send his name, due acknowledgment will be made in the October issue.

trust any of it? It is fit only for the rubbish pile of exploded superstitions.

But even if we do throw away the Bible as the master falsehood of the ages, we cannot escape the fact that this Book has produced the greatest harvests of good in all history. It has transformed millions of lives. It has opened the gates of immortality. It has been the guiding light of civilization. It is the foundation of all that is best in modern life. Both individuals and nations have prospered to the degree that they have followed the teachings of this Book. To say that such streams of blessing have been flowing from a fountain of falsehood is absurd. Yet this conclusion is unavoidable if we deny that Jesus is the Son of God.


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