The Finality Of The Authority Of Christ -- By: W. T. McConnell

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 080:319 (Jul 1923)
Article: The Finality Of The Authority Of Christ
Author: W. T. McConnell

The Finality Of The Authority Of Christ

W. T. McConnell

This is not an attempt to answer the modern Documentary Critics of the New Testament, who not only limit the authority of Jesus Christ, and His biographers and doctrinal teachers, but also reduce the New Testament to a crazy-patch quilt form, but rather a reply to such authors as Dr. D. W. Forrest who, while admitting Christ’s Divine personality, yet limits His authority as a teacher in human nature. Paul taught that the mind of the Lord was not revealed by the spirit of the world (Kosmos-world system) but by the Spirit of God. “For who hath known the mind of the Lord that he might instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.” However, the scholastics of our day seek to apply the worldly wisdom test—scientific and literary—to the teachings of Christ, and by it to interpret and explain the mind of the Spirit in His teachings, notwithstanding the fact that every effort to bring the teachings of Christ within the scope of human science has only issued in awakening doubts in anxious hearts of the authority of the Christ whose teachings have always had such a marvelous power in the uplift of the peoples and nations of the world, who have been brought under their influence. It has been truly said, “This Christ, whoever He is, has not only originated a system, but has put Himself into it as its very life and soul and power. Other men have established systems, but their personal force has not gone down into them. But so thoroughly, so absolutely is Christ in the Christian system that it may be truly said what Christianity has done Christ has done; what Christianity professes to do Christ professes to do. If Christianity reveals a way, Christ is the way; if Christianity teaches truth, Christ is the truth; if Christianity brings life, Christ is the life.” Still, notwithstanding this, the scribes of our day, like the scribes of His day, have once more forced the issue between Divine authority and scholastic authority. We recognize the difference and are prepared to say with His contemporaries of old, “He does not teach like

the Scribes, but as One having authority.” “Never man spake like this man;” and our endeavor will be to show that His authority was that of the Messianic prophet of the Lord who spake only the mind of God, who Himself was God, and in the human nature in which He taught, He was qualified of God by an immeasurable enduement of the Holy Spirit, so that all His teaching was inerrant and, therefore, was infallible and absolutely authoritative. The authority of Christ has in all ages been acknowledged by the Christian church as final. Even this is conceded by many, at least, who would determine the scope of it by scientific reasoning. But when they come...

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