Christ And Christianity -- By: W. T. McConnell

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 082:326 (Apr 1925)
Article: Christ And Christianity
Author: W. T. McConnell

Christ And Christianity

W. T. Mcconnell


There are religions many, but only one Christianity. The new religion of our day cannot be called Christianity, because, as we shall attempt to show, “Christianity is Christ, and Christ is Christianity.” Christianity issued out of the Christ of the Bible, and there is no Christianity apart from Him. His personality is woven into the very warp and woof of the Christian religion; hence to take Him out of the Gospels just as the Evangelists have placed Him there, is to destroy the very foundation upon which Christianity rests. You may rob Him of His Divine or Supernatural qualities and characteristics as we find Him there, and proceed to build up a religion on a purely scientific or naturalistic basis, and you will have a religion, but it is not Christianity. As one has truly said, “Take Christ out of the Gospel and you have taken its heart out. He is the corner-stone upon which all Christian work is builded. Remove Him and the superstructure topples to ruin. This Christ, whosoever He is, has not only originated a system, but He has put Himself into it as its very life and soul and power.” He claimed all this for Himself, and if His claim is false, then Himself ranks with other sinful men. Hence His challenge to the new religionist is, “Which of you convicteth Me of sin?”

What, then, is


It is a system of religion centering in Christ as revealed in the Gospels, which has not only been believed by the most devout of earth for nineteen centuries, but is also a fact lying embedded in the history of the world’s intelligent nations. Its birth gave the world a new departure, and the “Anno Domini” that has marked our dates and

superscriptions for nineteen centuries is but the unchallenged testimony of the leading civilizations to the fact that with Christianity came a new era whose beginning and progress should be forever inseparable from Christ Himself. Christianity is God’s revealed system of human redemption, embracing God’s revelation of Himself, of man, of sin, of man’s duty in the present, and his destiny in the future. It recognizes the “first man” and the “second man,” heads of different races. One who fell under temptation and brought ruin—spiritual death—to his race; the other victorious and perfect in life and death, bringing His race into spiritual life and thus back into fellowship with God. It recognizes a “first Adam, of the earth earthy,” and a “last Adam,” “the Lord from heaven.” Thus Christianity is a finality. No other Head will appear. Christ is the last Adam. Rule Him out of His place in the Gospels, and thus out of God’s re...

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