How A Christian’s Creed Influences His Witness -- By: Walter V. Watson

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 082:327 (Jul 1925)
Article: How A Christian’s Creed Influences His Witness
Author: Walter V. Watson

How A Christian’s Creed Influences His Witness

Walter V. Watson

“If you have any faith, give me, for heaven’s sake, a share of it! Your doubts you may keep to yourself, for I have plenty of my own.”—Goethe.

“The man who goes through life with an uncertain doctrine not knowing what he believes, what a poor, powerless creature he is! He goes around through the world as a man goes down through the street with a poor, wounded arm, forever dodging people he meets on the street for fear they may touch him.”—Phillips Brooks.

Here are words to conjure with in days when the devastating results of liberal thought are becoming apparent. When vital faith in the church of the living God is already at low ebb, further articles should not be offered calculated to cast doubt upon the truth of the beliefs of historical Christianity, unless historical Christianity should be superseded by a religion that has been found to be more suited to the needs of the human race. Nor is this the time, if there ever is one, for the advancement of half truths. This article contains none—the statements herein are either true or false. They are based upon the teachings of historical Christianity, and, if they are wrong, so is Christianity. Here is common ground on which all honest lovers, not merely admirers, of our Lord can joyfully stand. And although the mooted questions of the day are touched upon, they are treated with a different emphasis than usual. The emphasis here is rather on the practical results of a vital faith in those fundamental things for which Christianity has always stood. There is really no need for further addition to the excellent literature already written in defense of the age-long doctrinal positions of the Christian Church, but we do need to see at present that our convictions and our actions have a very definite connection with each other.

A Christian’s creed certainly does influence his life; it cannot be otherwise. And if a Christian’s faith is

interfered with, his obedience to the great commission of his Lord will turn to disobedience or neglect of it. And, too, what honest man will witness to things that he does not believe in his heart? There is need of caution also lest a doubting Church become also a neglectful Church. God help us to see from its practical standpoint the issue here raised, and act accordingly!

In the Psalms we read David’s testimony in the words, “I believed, therefore have I spoken” (Psa. 116:10). This passage from God’s Word at least indicates that the basis of testimony is faith. The opposite of the statement would be, “I am silent, because I do n...

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