The Science Of The Virgin Birth -- By: B. T. Stafford

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 084:334 (Apr 1927)
Article: The Science Of The Virgin Birth
Author: B. T. Stafford

The Science Of The Virgin Birth

B. T. Stafford

SOME definition at the start will help to clarity and direction of thought. What is meant by science? What is it to be scientific? Both words are largely used: sometimes intelligently and frequently otherwise. The patient searcher after Law and the lines of its expression, uses both words cautiously and aggressively. The charlatan uses them to put over on the uncritical people his assumed superior knowledge. Strip this of assertive rhetoric and that left is purely personal opinion, which in no sense at all is scientific, nor any part of the body of science. To the mind functioning in the forms of the Middle Ages, these words are usually disturbing. The person speaking from the emotions and resting argument upon them is loath to see the more excellent way. Melancthon appealed constantly to the facts of Catholic antiquity, and so could not get on with Luther, who cared nothing at all for any other authority than that of his feelings and argued opinion. A class of honest thinkers define science as tabulated knowledge. People in a state of restricted mental culture possess tabulated knowledge, but no science. For example, the Greeks and the Romans had some tabulated knowledge of the heavenly bodies, but the lines of modern scientific astronomy were not in all their thinking. The fact is recorded that the Humboldt Current off the west coast of South America has recently moved far out in the Pacific Ocean: the science of the fact is unknown. A volcano in Hawaii poured forth a stream of lava so intensely hot as to melt a large and solid block of granite in a few seconds. There is no scientific explanation of how that heat was generated. A guyser in New Zealand becomes active when soap is cast into it. The science of this astonishing fact is unknown. There are racial facts a plenty of which the science has not been discovered. In all of their generations, the Irish and the Welsh have kept themselves cordially apart. Why? We do not possess the science. Italians and Negroes have

been unable to work together. Possibly the traditions of Hannibal explain this fact, though it seems far-fetched.

And so, science is the explanation of the phenomena of the seen and unseen worlds in the terms of Law. What is Law? Law is the way Almighty God takes to do things. Because things are transacting all the time and in all places, the realm and reign of Law is universal. The expressions of Law are varied. There are diversities of operation, but it is the same God that worketh all in all.

The first account in history of the reign of Law in the physical world is the first chapter of Genesis. The first statement of the presence and operation of Law in character b...

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