The Greatest Business In The World The Blessed Ministry Of The Gospel -- By: H. H. Marlin

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 088:349 (Jan 1931)
Article: The Greatest Business In The World The Blessed Ministry Of The Gospel
Author: H. H. Marlin

The Greatest Business In The World The Blessed Ministry Of The Gospel

H. H. Marlin

Winning men for Jesus is a business, and we should get active cooperation from business men by showing them convincingly that it is, beyond a peradventure, the greatest business in the world.

There is no man living who has a more supreme right to hold up his head, to respect himself and his calling, than the minister. He is God’s business man: he is in the business of making this world a better, gladder world and of changing bad men into good men. His work represents values, eternal values, economic values, political and social values, foundation values in comparison with which every other form of human enterprise seems secondary and relatively unimportant. He adds values, character values of immeasurable worth to life every day. He changes liabilities into precious assets. He shifts men from the wrong side to the right side of the ledger. He proclaims the truth Jesus proclaimed that if man wants a new world he must first get a new nature. He must be born again. He must be a partaker of the divine nature and logically and inevitably there will come out of that new nature the new world, the new industrial order, the new political order, the new social order, in brief the kingdom of God.

How are we going to get God’s message to the unredeemed life of the world? Many years ago a minister might confidently expect a number of unsaved people in his church every time he preached. In writing his sermons he kept the unredeemed and his glorious redeemer always in view. In these times there are few sinners at any of the church services with the exception of the church members, and they do not seem to know that they are sinners.

Old General Booth partially solved the problem here presented by taking the message to the people on the street, but even thus only the fringe of the great army of the unsaved is touched. If the hellions of any city did attend a service in any church of the average type would they be

welcome? Yes? Are we quite sure about it? If we should gather up in Pittsburgh or in St. Louis any Sabbath morning a gang of all kinds of folks, of all colors and tongues, the scrapings of the streets, and march into any church of average standing and pretensions to take part in the morning service, would we be welcomed? Would we be given a front seat? Would the joy of the congregation be manifest? Or would they be scandalized, indignant, embarrassed? Despite all ecclesiastical chatter and protest the horrible congregations of the street are not wanted among the sweet-scented, cultured, smug, self-satisfied congregations who magnify in their songs the Savior of a lost w...

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