Some Of The Reasons Why I Believe In Jesus -- By: H. H. Marlin

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 089:356 (Oct 1932)
Article: Some Of The Reasons Why I Believe In Jesus
Author: H. H. Marlin

Some Of The Reasons Why I Believe In Jesus

(First Part)

H. H. Marlin

“This is the disciple that testifieth of these things and wrote these things and we know that his witness is true.”

It is well for us to clarify our views of Jesus and to give them in plain speech, in speech free of philosophical and theological terminology, in speech easily comprehended by the plain of speech.

Examining critically the foundations of our faith, we enumerate one by one the articles of our individual creed, the things to which our reason gives full and hearty assent without quibble or mental reservation or theological hocus-pocus of any kind. New moral enthusiasms, new spiritual vigor, new power to convince an unbelieving world of the validity of the claims of Jesus flow from a rigid overhauling of our theological junk-room and restatement of the spiritual convictions upon which we base our interpretation of life, its meaning, its purpose, its final and supreme achievement. Moreover, if we are able to tell convincingly the reasons why we believe in Jesus and have accepted him as our Savior and Lord, many of those who hear us speak will in their turn make our convictions theirs, and with new assurance and boldness of utterance will proclaim him in the speech comprehended in the market place and on the street.

I. I believe in Jesus, that he is what he claims to be, because of the testimony of The Book.

But some one rises in the congregation and says: “I do not believe your book: I challenge its authority: I reject its testimony.” I would say to such a man: “My friend, if you have intelligence and honesty I propose a test for you. Go home and read a number of times the Gospel according to John; read it thoughtfully and carefully, and

after such a reading, if you have intelligence and honesty, you will say, ‘I have looked into the heart of John through his gospel: through his gospel I know him essentially, and it would be impossible for a man to whom it was possible to write such a gospel to deceive you or me.’ “The gospel according to John is a revelation of John, and because of its artless and unconscious revelation of John we believe wholly in John’s revelation of Jesus. The gospel according to John shows us what John is and therefore we believe John when he tells us who Jesus is.

II. I believe in Jesus because he produces the highest type of character known to life.

The world has had many famous religious teachers and these teachers had millions of followers scattered over the world, and new millions still follow them today, but the true disciples of Jesus have achieved a preemi...

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