John Calvin, A Prophet of God -- By: Archer E. Anderson

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 091:364 (Oct 1934)
Article: John Calvin, A Prophet of God
Author: Archer E. Anderson

John Calvin, A Prophet of God

Archer E. Anderson

[Editor’s Note: After graduation from the Philadelphia School of the Bible, Mr. Anderson served as a missionary in Central America for a number of years. He received his A.B. degree from Texas Christian University and is now a member of the senior class at the Evangelical Theological College, also a candidate for the Th.M. degree in May. He is pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Cleburne, Texas.-R.T.C.]

As we read the pages of the spiritual history of mankind we see an elect group of men who stand out from the many of their day. They form a glorious band. They are the men whom God chose to lead their brethren into the possession of His Truth. Some are prophets who spoke as they were borne along by the Holy Spirit. Others are teachers who unfolded the doctrines of the Word of God. Together they may be called “the torch-bearers of mankind.”

Within this group must be included Abraham, the father of the faithful, the friend of God; Moses, with whom God spoke face to face, as a man speaks to his friend; David, the founder of Messiah’s royal line; the prophets, to whom were revealed things that eye had not seen, nor ear heard, neither had entered into the heart of man, and who recorded these things in words that the Holy Spirit taught; the Christ, God’s holy Son who is Himself the Light that others carried to the world.

Many have shared in carrying the light of the glory of Christ to the world since He gave the great commission to the disciples. Certain men of this group are outstanding. Each had his particular mission. Together they form a spiritual ancestry. Three of them have a special affinity to each other and to the Truth of God. Paul, the chosen vessel through whom God gave

the revelation of church doctrine; St. Augustine, who recognized and exalted the sovereign grace of God that brings salvation; and John Calvin, who gave to the Protestant reformation, and to the ensuing ages, a complete, Biblical theology; these men stand out from the many as “torch-bearers of mankind.”

Each of these was a chosen vessel, ordained of God to meet a definite need in the revelation and preservation of truth. Paul was chosen to give to men the great church truths that had been hidden in God since the beginning of the world. St. Augustine was the elect instrument of God who should experience, and then focus man’s attention upon the sovereign grace of God. John Calvin was raised up to give to the Protestant reformation a system of doctrine, about which the great forces of spiritual power released by the reformation might cluster, and through which they might spread until they had embraced the world...

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