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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 092:367 (Jul 1935)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Mediator. By Emil Brunner, Professor of Theology in Zurich. Translated from the German by Olive Wyon. The MacMillan Company, New York, 1934. pp. 619. $6.50.

There is no need to identify Emil Brunner to the theological readers of America. His name stands intimately associated with that of Karl Barth in the neo-Calvinistic movement that has attracted so much attention in Europe and America as a protest against the fallacies of the liberal theology of the Schleiermaker, Ritschl, Harnack group.

The title of this work indicates that the author is presenting his conception of the central theme of Christianity. This theme is presented in a threefold aspect:

1. Preliminary considerations, or a discussion of Christian versus liberal epistemology.

2. The Person of the Mediator, or a discussion of the Deity, Incarnation, and Humanity of Christ as the true “self-movement of God,” as contrasted to the modern misinterpretation of the Person of the Mediator.

3. The Work of the Mediator, or a discussion intended to justify to the modern world the idea of the Atonement; considered both from the penal theory of the Atonement, and the expiatory sacrifice.

The work closes with a discussion of the ethical results of the gospel as the true expression of the first commandment. It is an extension of the thought expressed by Karl Barth in The Word of God and the Word of Man to the effect that “the forgiveness of sin is the central problem of ethics.”

The claims made by the writers of the forewords that accompany this edition of this work impress the readers with a profound sense of expectancy as he begins the reading of the text. Rev Canon J. K. Mozley, of St. Paul’s Cathedral, says of this work, “For the sureness of its grasp and the lucidity and adequacy (italics are mine) of its exposition of the gospel of our Lord’s Person and Work there will be a deep gratitude among all those who see no future for any Christianity except that which rests upon faith in Jesus Christ as the true and only Son of God, incarnate and atoning.” After marking out the fact that he does not agree

with some of the negative judgments of the book, the same reviewer says, “The Christ of whom he writes is the Christ of the apostolic gospel and of the historic faith.”

Prof. H. R. Mackintosh, D.D., Ph.D., of New College, Edinburgh, writes the other foreword to the work. He too differs from the views expressed by the author, but says, “I should find it hard to name any recent major work in its field which is comparable with The Mediator in direct relevance a...

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