The Doctrine of Sin Part 5 -- By: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 093:369 (Jan 1936)
Article: The Doctrine of Sin Part 5
Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer

The Doctrine of Sin
Part 5

Lewis Sperry Chafer

[Author’s Note: This installment, which is the first section of the fifth and last main division of a series of discussions on the Doctrine of Sin, has been preceded by I, “The First Sin in Heaven and its Effect” (Bibliotheca Sacra, October, 1934); II, “The First Sin on Earth and its Effect” (Ibid., January, 1935); III, “Man’s Present Estate as a Sinner” (Ibid., April, 1935); IV, “The Specific Character of the Christian’s Sin” (Ibid., October 1935). These articles aim at a practical, Biblical treatment of the Doctrine of Sin rather than its philosophical and metaphysical aspects.-L.S.C.]

V: The Divine Remedy for All Sin

[This, the final major division of this discussion, will appear in three sections-(I) The present article, embracing (a) “The Divine Cure for the Sin of the Angels,” (b) “The Divine Cure for Imputed Sin,” and (c) “The Divine Cure for the Sin Nature”; (2) embracing, (a) “The Divine Cure for Personal Sin,” (b) “The Divine Cure for Man’s Present Estate Under Sin,” and (c) “The Divine Cure for the Christian’s Sin” (Ibid., April, 1936); and (3) “The Final Triumph of God Over All Sin” (Ibid., July, 1936).]

(Continued from the October-December number,
not concluded as formerly announced)

Among the many revelations which the Bible presents is the unfolding of truth concerning the divine conquest and final triumph over the sin which has been permitted to invade the sphere of the universe. So pronounced is the Bible’s emphasis upon sin and its cure that it is sometimes called the Book of Redemption; but as sin’s injury has extended far beyond the boundaries of that limited company of human beings who compose the Church of Christ, so its cure, of necessity, extends beyond those limitations. Angels, man, heaven and earth are affected by sin, and the Bible declares in precise details the final purpose of God for all beings and each and every sphere whether it be by regeneration, restoration, recreation, or retribution. This extensive and important body of Scripture constitutes the authoritative foundation upon which the doctrine of the divinely designed and provided

cure for all sin, with its manifold features, is based. This body of Scripture will now be approached, in the main, under the same general divisions of the Doctrine of Sin which have been observed throughout this discussion, namely: (1) The Sin of the Angels; (2) Imputed Sin; (3) The Sin Nature; (4) Personal Sins; (5) The State of Man Under Sin; (6) The Christian’s Sin; and (7) The Final Cure for All Sin.

1. The Divine Cure for the Sin of the Angels

Though, as ...

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