Anglo-Israelism Refuted -- By: Roy L. Aldrich

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 093:369 (Jan 1936)
Article: Anglo-Israelism Refuted
Author: Roy L. Aldrich

Anglo-Israelism Refuted

Roy L. Aldrich

Preface and Introduction

The arguments against the British-Israel or Anglo-Israel theory contained in these pages were used in a public debate held in two sessions, May 31st and June 1st, 1935, in the Cass Technical High School auditorium, Detroit, Michigan. My opponent was Mr. Howard B. Rand, Secretary-General of the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America, and therefore the leading exponent of the Anglo-Israel theory in this country.

Mr. Rand made no attempt to meet and answer the arguments in this paper against the theory he represents, with the exception of my charge that Anglo-Israelism is a system of legalism. His defense at this point, however, really constituted admission of my contention, as I shall show. Therefore the arguments against Anglo-Israelism as herein presented still stand. They have not been refuted. I make this statement not simply from memory, but after carefully reading the stenographic report of the debate. Mr. Rand in his closing rebuttal, pleaded that he did not have time to answer much that was presented by the negative, but he had one hour after all of my arguments were stated, and he had the advantage of the last rebuttal, the full time of which he did not use. In this debate I discovered for myself the truth of the statement of the late Dr. F. B. Meyer: “British-Israelism is not capable of argument, it is a kind of infatuation.”

These pages are written with no personal animosity toward Mr. Rand, or anyone else who may hold the Anglo-Israel position, but only with the hope of making known the truth concerning a dangerous and unscriptural theory, which has become a snare to many of God’s people in these days.

The Theory Stated

Very briefly the Anglo-Israel position is that the Anglo-Saxon peoples, especially Great Britain and the United States, are descended from the tribes of Israel of the Northern Kingdom, and therefore inherit the promises and responsibilities addressed in the Scriptures to Israel. “The National Message,” the official journal of the British-Israel World Federation, introduces its articles with these words: “The following should be read in the light of Israel Truth-namely, that the Anglo-Saxon nations are the continuation of the Israel nation; the inheritors of her Charters; the possessors of her guarantees and immunities from destruction; the executors of her commissions.”

The Danger of “Another Gospel”

The Anglo-Israel theory is dangerous because it puts into first place a message, which even if true, is not the first or primary message of the Bible. Orthodox Christians agree that the most important message of the Bible is personal salvation...

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