The Bible and the Science of Astronomy A Broadcast over Station WMCA, New York City -- By: C. T. Schwarze

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 093:370 (Apr 1936)
Article: The Bible and the Science of Astronomy A Broadcast over Station WMCA, New York City
Author: C. T. Schwarze

The Bible and the Science of Astronomy
A Broadcast over Station WMCA, New York City

C. T. Schwarze

(Civil Engineering Department, New York University)
Conducted by Mr. Erling C. Olsen

Mr. Olsen: The title for this evening’s discussion, Professor, should be of special interest to our listeners. We are, by nature, star gazers and I doubt whether any one who has ever lived has not, at times, speculated about those gleaming points of light we call stars. I think we in New York have become more interested in stars since the opening of the Hayden Planetarium. I appreciate that much has been discovered in this science and that we will have but little time in which to discuss many of these wonders tonight. Perhaps it would be well to let us have the approximate scope of your talk.

Prof. Schwarze: As you say, Mr. Olsen, the subject itself is a big one and we can only hope to show the accuracy of the Bible’s statements on astronomical matters. These include not only the stars themselves but, also, the earth’s position amongst the stars. After all, what I am interested in for this Forum talk is not so much the science of astronomy as such, wonderful though that is, but in the glorious fact that the Scriptures teach nothing that is at variance with what man actually knows about this science. Critics, amongst whom are even high “church” dignitaries-sad to say, have occupied themselves very much with supposed inconsistencies in the Bible when compared with present astronomical knowledge. If, in their criticism, they would only be honest and scholarly, their views would command respect. But it is probably asking too much of modernistic critics to be fair with the Scriptures. As it is, in their attacks upon the Book so obviously hated, they have violated nearly every rule of fairness that has been laid down

for literary criticism. Nevertheless, I find that their views have had wide circulation and have caused many among the unthinking to turn away from the Bible as from a scientifically unworthy book.

Mr. Olsen: I have observed from our previous broadcasts that you seem to handle the critics rather roughly and even question their honesty and scholarship but that is okey, Professor. I get a real kick from such a statement. Of course, when a numskull like myself makes such a statement we are usually reminded of our lack of education, but a professor-that is different. But go on, let us hear some more.

Prof. Schwarze: In fact, those who have honestly researched into the Scriptures to find out what was the matter with it have usually become converted. But, Mr. Olsen, we Christians must be prepared to meet the so-called sc...

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