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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 093:370 (Apr 1936)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

A God-Centered Faith. By Hugh Thomson Kerr, D.D. Fleming H. Revell Co., New York. 183 pp. $1.75.

This volume presents the lectures recently given on the L. P. Stone Foundation at Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Kerr is pastor of the Shadyside Presbyterian Church, of Pittsburgh, Pa. The purpose of the L. P. Stone Foundation, namely, “to interpret the Reformed Faith,” is realized in this series of five lectures, the titles of which are: “The Evangelical Experience”; “God the Eternal Reality”; “The Church of the Living God”; “The Worship of the Reformed Churches”; “Sovereignty and Social Justice.”

Setting forth as it does the author’s intention in condensed form, the foreword is often a reliable review of that which follows. In his foreward Dr. Kerr develops the fact that there is nothing in theological discussion which is new. Having pointed out that each generation must affirm for itself the things which are most surely believed, Dr. Kerr states, “when the attempt is made to formulate our affirmations, we discover that we are expressing our faith in forms that have an historic background. We are either expressing in modern language the faith of the Catholic Creeds or asserting some heresy that has been examined and upon which judgment has been passed.”

In the first of these lectures, Dr. Kerr presents the facts that the Reformers were men motivated by a living experience of the grace of God. “Reformers,” he states, “are constantly saying, ‘Come and see what God has done for my soul.’” And again, “It was because Calvin had experienced the grace of God in his own heart...that he moved out into the path of Christian thinking and Christian living.”

The second lecture is indeed a needed stimulus in these days of shallow thinking. The theology which begins with man and only incidentally includes God is far removed from both reason and revelation. Calvin began with God and incidentally included man. Every lover of the truth will respond to Dr. Kerr’s masterful presentation of the fact of the sovereignty of God and the statement of the need of a divinely provided Mediator between God and man. Dr. Kerr’s

statement, “when God is exalted, order reigns,” is true in every department of life.

The third lecture is seriously lacking in its scope. Dr. Kerr, both directly and by quotations, does recognize a true Church into which all redeemed are gathered; but he then proceeds to apply such Scriptures as Ephesians 5:25–27 to the local, visible church which at best is but a representation of but one generation of saints and includes...

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