Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 094:376 (Oct 1937)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


What Is Wrong?

These words introduce many seemingly unrelated questions found in the current literature of our day. Among these we find: What is wrong with the government? Our economics? The morals of society? Industrial class relations? The courts of justice? International conventions? Our educational institutions? The home? The church? The fact that the more serious periodical literature of our time is so largely concerned with these and similar inquiries is an indication that something basic in the life of the country is radically wrong. Of equal significance is the fact that the diagnoses of these various conditions, and the cures offered, include a wide variety of conjectural maladies, together with the advisement of the application of nostrums, concocted and bruited as proprietary by successive groups since the opening of the present century-progressives, parlor pinks, brain trusters, and new dealers-eventuating in the most preposterous cure of them all, the uneconomic doctrine that it is possible for the government to spend us out of the depression by the piling up of a huge and ever-increasing debt, and that the consequent burden of taxation will not endanger our American ideals and form of government, resulting in the loss of liberties, religious and secular, which have been enjoyed under our constitution.

“What is wrong with the church?” is a perennial question, and many Christian commentators believe that the other wrongs are vitally related to failure in the church at large. But what is wrong with the church? Amongst the critics inside and outside the pale of the church there is no unanimity of opinion. The widely divergent groups in Christendom are not agreed and place the blame on each other. That the church by and large is spiritually paralyzed is quite evident from the fact that it is reported that last year 9,000 churches closed their doors and many more thousands than these did not report one accession on confession of faith. The

liberalistic wing of the church is making a Herculean effort to build up the church’s lost prestige through propaganda designed to bring together heterogeneous elements, pledged to overlook differences which do not coalesce any more readily than the proverbial oil and water. When, for example, a popular liberal preacher tells the world that the present state of the church is due to the fact that Jesus Christ has been worshipped as God, a movement to bring all true and nominal Christians into one fold will make little headway amongst those who accept the revelation of the Lord from heaven. Such wide differences of belief are not calculated to bring the church out of her doldrums into vibrant and active spiritual life and service.

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