The Bible and Science on the Everlasting Fire A Radio Broadcast By Professor C. T. Schwarze -- By: C. T. Schwarze

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 095:377 (Jan 1938)
Article: The Bible and Science on the Everlasting Fire A Radio Broadcast By Professor C. T. Schwarze
Author: C. T. Schwarze

The Bible and Science on the Everlasting Fire
A Radio Broadcast By Professor C. T. Schwarze

C. T. Schwarze

Professor, New York University;
Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Conducted By Erling C. Olsen
Over Station WMCA, New York City

Mr. Olsen: Professor, before we discuss this subject of the everlasting fire which you, yourself, have chosen, I want to take this occasion to wish you a Happy New Year. This is the first broadcast of the New Year. You have graciously given of your time and efforts in the past year or two in a series of excellent broadcasts. You have stimulated the faith of Christians in their Bible and you have done much to refute the notion that true science is antagonistic to this great Book, the Word of God.
I have liked the fearless manner in which you have presented your subjects. You have not hesitated to discuss any branch of science. I really think that tonight you have chosen a pretty “hot” topic. You are a bear for punishment but if the previous broadcasts are any indication of results you will acquit yourself very satisfactorily.
May I ask how you came to choose this subject? It sounds a bit like a topic for an old-fashioned preacher. Of course, you had some definite reason for doing so and presenting it at this time. Am I right?

Prof. Schwarze: I have, Mr. Olsen. There is, of course, the very sufficient reason, as you have intimated, of the need for such a presentation. That need is ever present, but particularly so now. In these days there appears to be much confusion in the minds of many, including some preachers and theologians, as to the meaning of

references to eternal fire in Scripture, with regard to punitive measures against evil doers. There is, likewise, a tendency to side-step, or hush up such a matter in this age of enlightenment, as being a bit bizarre. Some hesitate to mention this matter since they do not understand it and are fearful of the ridicule of those who are of the intellectuals and who have been loud in declaring such a thing to be unscientific. And, on the surface, it seems to be so. In former days, as you have intimated, there was much thundering from pulpits about the portion of the wicked in eternal fire and brimstone. But people were generally God-fearing then and the few who dared to parade their agnostic and infidel ideas were socially ostracized. Today, the agnostic and infidel are more often glorified.

Mr. Olsen: Is this your only reason for taking up what many would call a moot question, Professor? It seems like such a gigantic matter to tackle, anyhow. But as I have already said, you are a bear for punishment.

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