Gospel Preaching -- By: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 095:379 (Jul 1938)
Article: Gospel Preaching
Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Gospel Preaching

Lewis Sperry Chafer

The unrevoked anathema recorded in Galatians 1:8, 9-made emphatic by a double recital-should cause every preacher of the gospel to pause and investigate as to the Scriptural character of the message he proclaims. If the death of Christ is important in the realm of doctrine, the accurate preaching of it is as important in the realm of service for God. Men were vainly attempting to be good long before Christ died and His death has not made that struggle any less arduous; but it has provided a plan by which the chief of sinners may be saved apart from all striving and into a perfection of standing and eternal blessedness which only the infinite power of God can accomplish. The human responsibility is reposing faith in the Savior and nothing more and nothing less. To add or substract any human element at this point deserves the anathema which is divinely imposed. How many even sincere men can preach an uncomplicated gospel sermon? No man can be trusted to do this until he is dispensationally instructed. The imperative character of this requirement cannot be discussed here. The great expositors of this and past generations are such because they are thoroughly established in these essential distinctions, and it is no accident that these men have done most to preserve the exact features of the gospel of divine grace.

The late Dr. James H. Brookes still holds the enviable position of dean of American expositors. His knowledge of the Bible was prodigious and his expositions of the Word of God were profound, yet he made the gospel simple and clear to the unsaved. In all his writings-and they are extensive-

he has never confused any feature of the plan of salvation. The Galatian anathema could not apply to him. None can doubt but what it was his wide knowledge of doctrine-such as every preacher should possess-that preserved him from so great a divine judgment.

The following selections from his published gospel messages will demonstrate his accuracy in the gospel and perhaps be stimulating to young men of this generation:

I. Don’t Try Any More

“A minister of Jesus Christ was asked to attend the funeral of a babe, whose mother was not saved. She sat by the little coffin with such a sad, weary, and despairing look on her face, he longed to say something to comfort her troubled heart; but his words seemed to her a hollow mockery of her bitter grief. Immediately after the burial of her child, she left the city in which she resided, and did not return for several months.

“When he learned that she was at...

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