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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 096:381 (Jan 1939)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


“The Church Can Save the World”

This sermon topic appeared a short time ago on the bulletin board of a church in a distant city. It might have appeared in any city of the English-speaking world; for, far from the truth as it is, this slogan is widely accepted as the true expression of the mission of the church. The confusion exhibited by this tenet of modern “churchianity” is principally due to the failure to distinguish between the company of true believers designated by Paul as “the church which is his [Christ’s] body,” and the organized masses of Christendom that include nominal Christians of all shades of belief and unbelief. These organized masses-the so-called visible church-constitute the church which is now boasting that its membership in our country is advancing twice as rapidly as the population of the nation. The figures are quoted with satisfaction in some circles to prove that the church is making substantial progress.

When the glamour of numbers is stripped from the situation and the real condition of the professing church is exposed, and when the truth is sensed that the church by and large stands in need of salvation itself, the proposition that it can save the world is fantastic indeed. The church is in the world, and should be testitfying to it, but the world has been allowed to usurp a large place in the church and is destroying its testimony. Further, the true members of the church are saved out from the world through the acceptance of the infinite grace of God in Christ, and hence are the true subjects of salvation. Dr. Hale Amos has well said: ”...the cleavage between the [true] Church and the world is seen perhaps at its deepest point when we consider that they are separated the one from the other by an unbridged gulf-the gulf betwixt Life and Death. No subject of the world’s environing system ever crosses the dividing line between it and the true Church of Christ without Life having been communicated to him from the Eternal Spirit of God. There is

no such thing as spontaneous generation, however many eminent divines may have been deluded into believing that the miracle of the Second Birth is unneeded. That which is ‘born of the flesh’ and ‘that which is born of the Spirit’ is a distinction that multitudes know nothing about. But as there is no passage whatever from the inorganic to the organic kingdom in the realm of Nature, so is the life of the flesh, the world of self-culture, railed off from the life of Faith, the world of the Spirit-created.”1

Needed Instruction

In recent years much stress has been laid upon religious education amongst the young people of the churches of ...

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