Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 096:383 (Jul 1939)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


Merger with “Christian Faith and Life”

Beginning with this number of BIBLIOTHECA SACRA we are arranging to complete the unexpired subscriptions for CHRISTIAN FAITH AND LIFE, published at Reading, Pennsylvania, and which, owing to the death of the former publisher, Mr. Frank J. Boyer, ceased publication at the end of the third quarter, 1939. Subscribers who are paid up to the end of 1939 will receive one copy of BIBLIOTHECA SACRA. Due to the fact that our Quarterly is issued late in the quarter about half of the subscribers will receive the late summer Number to be delivered in September, and the rest will receive the fall Number early in December. Those paid ahead into 1940 or beyond will receive the full number of issues to complete their subscriptions. Each issue of BIBLIOTHECA SACRA carries 128 pages of reading matter, totalling 512 pages in each volume of four numbers. The price of each of these periodicals is $2.00 a year, hence the transfer is simplified.

This is the fourth merger in the long history of BIBLIOTHECA SACRA. The Quarterly was founded, 1843, by Dr. Edward Robinson. Thirteen years previously (1831) Dr. Robinson had founded the AMERICAN BIBLICAL REPOSITORY. This periodical was united with BIBLIOTHECA SACRA in 1851, thus carrying the birthday of the merged magazines back to 1831, or 109 years ago. This explains the discrepancy between the stated age and the volume numbers on the title page.

In the year 1912 the following statement appeared in BIBLIOTHECA SACRA: “Never in all its history has it had a wider or abler set of contributors than it has at the present time. The wisdom of maintaining such a quarterly is amply sustained by the efforts recently put forth by Chicago, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale universities to establish magazines of similar character to take the place of those which were

suffered to die a quarter of a century ago. But the continuity of the BIBLIOTHECA SACRA gives it, in all the centers of learning throughout the world, a place which it will take these periodicals a long time to attain. If one would get the ripest defences of the essential truth of criticism, science, philosophy, sociology, and theology, he must read, ponder, and digest the successive numbers of the BIBLIOTHECA SACRA. Its 54,000 pages [to which now should be added 14,000 pages] constitute a library of unrivaled excellence.”

It is our hope that the reader of CHRISTIAN FAITH AND LIFE who will receive the issues of our Quarterly to fill out their subscriptions will be so well pleased with it that they will continue to subscribe for it. To all such we shall give a hearty welcome into our family of readers.

“A Daily Rendezvous with Horror”

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