Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 096:384 (Oct 1939)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous



The world is passing through a period of drastic disillusionment. Many writers who have prided themselves upon their ability to think, especially the self-appointed professional thinkers, have been wont to lay great stress on man’s progress upward. Based upon the philosophy of evolutionism, his ultimate destiny as a superman, exhibiting physical and moral qualities fitting that estate, has been confidently predicted. This much desired attainment always hung upon man’s own effort, the lifting of himself by his own bootstraps. The first world war rudely jolted this false philosophy. The present conflict is tearing it into shreds. Not only have rulers reverted to the atrocities of Genghis Khan and the barbarism of his time, but nations have slumped into paganism which furnishes fertile soil for the inhumanities stemming from force politics.

With all the confused thinking of the present hour, it is evident that the professional thinkers are as much in the dark as is the world at large. A reviewer of The Fate Of Man, by H. G. Wells, has this to say: “It was Mr. Wells who made the now famous remark that civilization was a race between education and catastrophe. His thesis here is that while there is still hope for man, like the hope of the allied victory in the current war, his destiny is by no means assured and that from a number of signs, which he proceeds to discuss in detail and with uncomfortable convincingness, it is by no means assured unless somebody does something about it and in a hurry.” A heavy headline over another article reads, Is Man Going Forward or Backward? Under this title the author quotes another writer, with comment, as follows: ”‘Why, if farmers are paid a bonus to restrict their crops of valuable products, a bonus isn’t paid to parents to restrict the overwhelming crop of morons and criminals?’ This man

is not at all encouraged by the outlook as to man’s destiny.... It matters not what preconceived notions men may have as to culture and education, if the object desired demands the employment of such means and methods for its accomplishment as this improvement of mankind demands, all retardant ideas must give way in order to produce the results desired.” The following significant sentences appear in an editorial in a secular weekly with a nation-wide circulation: “Man has abandoned God, not God man. We are in an age of the crassest materialism; ...Ends justify means, and that is all there is to it. International law is obviously absurd-a paper towel for blood-drenched hands. Such is the state of morals in the world today.... Man has abandoned God. He is sick with the sickness of uncontrolled materialism.... The truth is that man is a spiritual bein...

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