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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 096:384 (Oct 1939)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Calvinism. By H. Henry Meeter, Th.D. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. 255 pp. $2.00.

Dr. H. Henry Meeter is Professor of Calvinism at Calvin College and, therefore, is able to write with the background of much study. His own foreword is a clear setting forth of his aim in this book. He says: “This volume finds its origin in the realization of a very definite need. Many books have been written about Calvinism, which have discussed certain of its phases. Some of these are very splendid monographs. But a work which would furnish a resume of its basic ideas, and could serve as an introductory guide to the whole system, has thus far been a desideratum. The author has for a number of years taught a course in Calvinism at Calvin College. The purpose in this course was to present to the classes the salient points of the system. During the past few years, at the request of the Calvinistic Young Men’s and Young Women’s Federations of America he has been writing a series of articles for their monthly magazine The Young Calvinist, in which the aim was to state the basic ideas of Calvinism in systematic order and in semi-popular style. To date the theological and the political views have appeared.... With the revival of Calvinism in recent years growing numbers are in quest of a manual which will offer them a survey of the Calvinistic system. With this thought in mind, the articles which have appeared in The Young Calvinist are herewith presented in book form to the reader. It is hoped that not only the Calvinistic youth, but ministers, teachers, and intelligent laymen will find it a helpful guide to a systematic study of Calvinism.”

The first ninety pages of this volume concern Calvinism as a religious system. The chapters are: The Fundamental Principle of Calvinism; The Place of the Bible in the Calvinistic System; The Place of Faith in the Calvinistic System; Calvinism a Balanced System; The Main Points in the Theology of Calvinism; The Calvinistic View of Common Grace;

and Calvinism and Culture. The remainder of the book is given to a discussion of the Calvinistic system and civil government in general. In John Calvin’s Institutes of Theology there are upwards of 1,500 pages, thirty-five of which are given to civil government, and these pages, seldom referred to by writers, evidently form the basis of the last half of Dr. Meeter’s book. Important material is presented to demontrate the influence Calvinism has had on governments. This is of unique value.

There is little field for controversy left as to the Biblical character of Calvinism. It may be assumed that Bible expositors almost without exception are Calvinists. This volume ...

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