God’s World of Tomorrow -- By: Erling C. Olsen

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 097:385 (Jan 1940)
Article: God’s World of Tomorrow
Author: Erling C. Olsen

God’s World of Tomorrow

Erling C. Olsen

Delivered over Radio Station WMCA, New York


We have been hearing much these days about the “World of Tomorrow.” A few months ago the New York Herald Tribune pointed out that the man of today is just the same in the world of tomorrow. In this article it is said: “Man in the aggregate has created a host of new wonders at the World’s Fair, but the individuals who come to see them are just the same sort of people who have been around for a long, long time. They demonstrated this yesterday in a thousand instances, ranging from the frantic man who hired a guide to find his lost wife to the woman who wanted to know which of the cows in the Borden’s exhibit gave Grade A milk.

“Late in the afternoon, a small man sat on a bench in the shadow of the Perisphere. His shoes were off and his hat was beside him on the seat. He chewed on an egg sandwich he had extracted from his lunch bag. From his pocket projected a sheaf of souvenir postcards. As he chewed he threw his head back and gazed up at the great white globe. Here was a symbol of the average man of today confronted by the World of Tomorrow. ‘Some show!’ he cried, and bit deeply into his sandwich.” The reporter said he had the appearance of a happy man.”

What a man does, however, and what a man is, may often be as different as day is from night. Man has produced many wonderful mechanical things. Rather should I say, he has discovered the forces that God has put into the world, and he has learned how to harness those forces and make them do his bidding. Man has built himself a world within God’s world; yet when it comes to changing his character or improving himself, he is absolutely lost and bewildered.

It is a striking thing that at this very moment, when the

New York World’s Fair exhibit demonstrates what man has accomplished in the world, as well as his blueprint for Tomorrow, we should be living in one of the darkest days of human history. All about us is chaos. The nations of the world are rapidly arming themselves to the teeth. It is inevitable that the keg of dynamite will explode, and when that happens many well-informed men believe it will be the end of our civilization. That’s the World of Tomorrow which the men of today have built.

In our own land we are leaving our children and our grandchildren a burden of debt far beyond anything that was left to us by our parents and grandparents. We are going to leave them a world (if this world continues in its present form) in which their problems will be greater by far than the problems that confronted us. That’s the World of Tomorrow we are ...

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