Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 098:391 (Jul 1941)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


Breaking Bands and Casting Cords

Twenty centuries of the Christian era have never witnessed until now a Christian nation, so-called, officially rejecting the authority of God and His revelation of Himself in the Scriptures of Truth and in the Person of His Son. Vital truths were obscured but not denied in the thousand years preceding the Reformation. It remained for modern leaders of Protestantism to retain a form of godliness and yet deny the Inspiration of the Scriptures, the virgin birth of Christ, the efficacy of His redeeming blood, and His bodily resurrection from the estate of death. There has been also an ever-increasing disposition on the part of the hoi polloi to look with indifference upon the claims of God. The founders of America were not only convinced believers in God and His Word, but they sought by prayer and devotion to find and do His will. Today a person who purposes to walk with God is, by the multitude, deemed somewhat queer; but none of these tendencies, deplorable as they may be, are to be classed with the official uncovered rejection of God as is now manifest both in Russia and in Germany. At the present writing these two atheistic governments are locked in a war which bears more the character of demons than of men.

While Russia has never formulated a creedal statement of her atheism-at least it has not been released to the world-, Germany-the land of the Reformation-is asserting through her governmental leaders the most godless declarations. By his own instigation, Hitler is proclaimed more a redeemer of mankind than the “Jew of Nazareth.” William Becker, a leader of the German Labor Front, is reported as saying, “When in the centuries to come, mankind will see the present events in their true proportions, they will say, ‘Christ was great, but Adolf Hitler was greater.’” Goebbels is said

to have declared in 1936, “Our leader [Hitler] becomes the intermediary between his people and the throne of God [superseding the mediation of Christ]...everything which our leader utters is religion in the highest sense, in its deepest and most hidden meaning.” It is probable that many in Germany who are saved through the blood of Christ are equally horror-stricken by such blasphemies, as are those outside that nation. No information is available as to the number of Christians in Germany-as in Russia-who have been martyred for their faith. The curses of a superhuman war rests upon these two atheistic nations; but this is mild indeed in comparison to the divine judgments yet to fall on the nations that know not God.

God and Morals

Right is right and wrong is wrong not alone because of what God says, but because of what God is. T...

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