The Great Hatred-Anti-Semitism -- By: Roy L. Aldrich

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 098:391 (Jul 1941)
Article: The Great Hatred-Anti-Semitism
Author: Roy L. Aldrich

The Great Hatred-Anti-Semitism

Roy L. Aldrich

A great war is raging in Europe. Great Britain is fighting for her life against the Axis powers. When the war began, sentiment in the United States was strongly in favor of isolation. There was not much alarm because it was believed England and France would not be defeated. However, after the invasion of the Low Countries and the fall of France, sentiment suddenly changed. It was realized that the United States was far from safe, even with three thousand miles of ocean between it and Europe. The great defense program swung into action. Individuals who formerly favored isolation changed their position and promoted the cause of full aid to Great Britain. Former avowed pacifists switched to become believers in the use of force to put down Hitlerism. In the recent presidential election the candidates of both major political parties ran on a platform of full aid to Great Britain.

Technically the United States is neutral. Actually we are committed to the cause of Great Britain and morally we are already at war with the Axis powers.

What is the explanation of this strange international situation? Should the United States enter the war on the side of Great Britain? What attitude should the Christian take? These are serious questions and it is important that the right answers be found.

Not an Ordinary War

Most people are agreed that this is not an ordinary war. This war is different. The idea that in the United States we might go on living our lives as we pleased even though Hitler wins, has long since been given up by our thinkers and leaders. It is the recognition that this war is different that has caused so many to fall in line with the policy of full aid to Great Britain, even if it means war for this country.

How is this war different? Let us hear the answer from several sources.

A series of articles has recently appeared in the liberal magazine The Christian Century in answer to the question: “If American is drawn into the war, can you, as a Christian, participate in it or support it?” The writer has no sympathy for the doctrinal position of The Christian Century, but he believes this series of articles is significant. Since the last world war, liberalism and pacifism have walked hand in hand. Now they are separating. Out of the ten articles in the series only two maintained the absolute pacifist position. Several of the writers gave a sort of yes and no answer, but the majority were strongly in the affirmative. Here are summaries of some of the answers:

John C. Bennett, well-known liberal theologian, answered yes with the assumpti...

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