Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 099:393 (Jan 1942)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


One Man’s Power

There remains today but the smallest portion of the earth that is not directly involved in war and it is all one war which has finally arrayed nearly all so-called civilized people of the earth on one side or the other. The issue is one as old as the nations of the world, namely, human freedom as against human slavery. Men have shed their blood for the cause of freedom through past generations of human history. They have dreamed of a final victory for freedom and until the past few months many have flattered themselves that human ideals had reached that high stage of development which would render it unnecessary to go to war again in defense of human liberty. If past wars have not determined the question of human rights, will the present war accomplish any more? Perhaps somewhat; but it should be recognized that God has proclaimed that wars do not cease until the age ends by the return to the earth of the Prince of peace. Before that day, according to the same Scriptures, Satan’s power must be felt over the earth and his mighty ruler and federator of nations, the Man of Sin, must appear and run that course which is predicted for him. It has seemed impossible to many that one great angel, Satan, could wield such immeasurable power, or that, in the end, one man could be the dominating authority in the earth; but thoughtful men are observing that the present unprecedented conflict, which reaches now around the globe, is due almost solely to the impious ambition of one man. There is therefore no longer room for doubt as to whether world-dominating power might reside in one man. In this case it is not some mighty monarch born to authority who is grasping for more control. It is rather an obscure artisan of Europe who has ordered the resources available to him to the end that he can all but subjugate the whole human family to his mastery. If he does not so subjugate them, it will be by the smallest margin of failure. Another world-ruler would need to accomplish but

little more to enslave the entire human race. It is into a situation in which one man will be ruling over the nations of the earth that the King enters when He returns, and having conquered all He will rule as Prince of peace.

Lewis Sperry Chafer

“Be Not Deceived”

The history of deception extends far into the past. Eve herself, mother of the human race, was deceived and ensnared by sin; and since then many others have fallen before temptation. One time Paul had to warn the Galatian Christians, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked...” Today the same admonition has gone forth from Christian leaders, but only to be neglected and little heeded by the masses. In consequence, an unknown minister of England wa...

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