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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 099:395 (Jul 1942)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Far Horizons of Scripture. By Teunis E. Gouwens, D.D. Revell, New York. 160 pp. $1.50.

In the writing of this book a unique service has been rendered by Dr. Gouwens, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky. It would seem to almost an exhaustive degree the author has presented the evidence from the Sacred Text which demonstrates its far-reaching and universal outlook. While Dr. Gouwens does not recognize dispensational distinctions, this treatment of the far-flung application of the Word of God contributes much that is vital for those who follow the general divisions of the Bible more intently.

The following extended citation from Dr. Gouwens’ preface is directly to the point:

“The life of Christianity is not dependent on the preservation of any particular culture. It has flourished in all sorts of environments, Western, Eastern, ancient, medieval and modern, agricultural and industrial. It is true that one civilization may be so congenial to it that it dies, and another may be so hostile to it that it thrives. Of this, too, history gives many instances. But civilization does not determine the life or death of religion. If there is hope for the future of the world, it lies in religion. It follows that, if civilization is to be world-wide, it must be inspired by a universal religion. The contention of this volume is that the Book on which our Christian religion is based has this world outlook. Of all the enterprises which engage the mind and energy of modern man, the place of first importance belongs to the world movement of Christianity. It is not our function in these chapters to discuss the present situation in Foreign Missions. The task I have assumed is simply that of indicating the Scriptural foundation for the missionary project. What is the outlook of the Bible? Is its interest as narrow as that of the exclusive people whom it describes? Did God care for the ancient Jew only or for all mankind? Is His purpose of

redemption restricted, or does it involve the ends of the earth? These are among the questions which will guide us in our study.”

For the broader view of the text of Scripture with its oft-overlooked implications, this book is commended.

President Lewis Sperry Chafer

This Business of Being Converted. By Ralph G. Turnbull, M.A., B.D., F.Ph.S., F.R.G.S. Revell. 160 pp. $1.50.

In this series of sermons which are intended to be a development of one general theme, Mr. Turnbull presents much material bearing on evangelism and the Christian life which will be of genuine value to those who are in Christian service. His sty...

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