Editorials -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 099:396 (Oct 1942)
Article: Editorials
Author: Anonymous


United Action of Evangelicals

Long indeed have political chiefs known the indisputable fact that an organized minority can wield more influence and achieve their ends far better than an unorganized majority. Sectarian politics, which too often dominates the machinery of church gatherings, is constantly demonstrating that a very few well-intrenched and organized, designing men are able to deprive a very large majority of any expression of their convictions. With these patent conditions in mind, there is genuine ground for encouragement in the nationwide movement which has been styled the National Association of Evangelicals for United Action, which has as its objective the uniting of the vast evangelical forces in America for the fair and reasonable expression of their convictions. This movement was born by the Holy Spirit in the minds of certain prominent evangelicals in the East. A notable gathering of upwards of two hundred leaders responded to a call given, going at their own expense to St. Louis for a conference last April. Out of this three-day session came designs looking to a well-planned organization which will be formed by a second convention which is to be held in Chicago this winter. In the meantime, religious groups, denominations, boards, schools, and individuals are signing up with genuine zeal for the achievement that is in view. District conventions are being held from coast to coast and reports are that these are largely attended and promise a much more formidable beginning of the movement than had been anticipated. There are those who, without holding real Christian doctrines or purposing what are rightfully true Christian objectives, are assuming to represent the Christians of America before governmental bodies and on radio broadcasts. In the name of the Christian forces of America, the vital truth of the Gospel, the sound interpretation of the

Scriptures, and true evangelistic effort are too often debarred from expression by well-intrenched organized men who, though religious in name, are not evangelical. This opposition is an example of the power of an organized group to thwart the expression of a vast majority. It will be of little moment what modernistic, political churchmen assume to represent, if the evangelical forces of America are organized and speak for themselves. This new undertaking for united action deserves the support by prayer and gifts of all those who have a heart for the vital things of God.

Lewis Sperry Chafer

Religious Journalism

At a meeting of the Associated Church Press, this year, a student in Yale Divinity School, Kenneth W. Underwood, made public what he had discovered concerning the present status of religious journalism. The ...

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