Premillennialism: Its Relations to Doctrine and Practice Part 3 -- By: S. H. Kellogg

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 099:396 (Oct 1942)
Article: Premillennialism: Its Relations to Doctrine and Practice Part 3
Author: S. H. Kellogg

Premillennialism: Its Relations to Doctrine and Practice
Part 3

S. H. Kellogg

(Reprint of the April-June Number, 1888, continued from the July-September Number, 1942)

{Editor’s note: The footnote in the original printed edition was numbered 15, but in this electronic edition is numbered 1.}

We have now to indicate what appear to be the doctrinal affinities of the premillennial eschatology. As regards their doctrinal position, it is indeed quite true that premillennialists may be found among men of widely different, or even antagonistic, theological beliefs; and this admission should be borne in mind in its bearing on what follows. But in general, we think, it may be rightly said that the logical relations of premillennialism connect it more closely with the Augustinian than with any other theological system. This seems to be evidenced in part by the theological position of a large proportion of those known to be premillennialists. No doubt, among these are some whose tendencies would appear to be more or less distinctly Arminian; but such seem to be exceptions to the general rule. Among the larger denominations, the largest proportion seems to be found in the Anglican Church, in which it is said that the majority of the evangelical Low-Church party are on the premillennialist side. The Reformed Episcopalians have incorporated the premillennial advent into their articles of faith, as also the Free Church of Italy. A further illustration of the state of the case is furnished by the Premillennial Conference in New York in 1878, which may be presumed to have been a fairly representative body. In the list of those who signed the call for that Conference, excluding those whose theological position is not known to the present writer, the remaining one hundred and eight are distributed as follows:

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