The Eternal Security of the Believer Part 2 -- By: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 106:424 (Oct 1949)
Article: The Eternal Security of the Believer Part 2
Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer

The Eternal Security of the Believer
Part 2

Lewis Sperry Chafer

Of all the contentions offered by the Arminians, their appeal to the Scriptures is that feature most worthy of candid consideration; for it will be admitted by all who attempt to expound the Word of God that there are several passages which, when taken in what appears on the surface to be their meaning, do seem to imply that one once saved might be lost again. The challenge is one respecting the exact meaning of the portions of Scripture involved and how in the divine mind, since the Word of God cannot contradict itself, they are to be harmonized with a much greater array of Scripture testimony—a body of truth which Arminians seldom essay to discuss—which permits of no varied interpretations and which dogmatically asserts the eternal security of the true child of God. The challenge is also how these supposed insecurity passages may be made to harmonize with the truth of the believer’s position both in the elective purpose of God, as an object of sovereign grace, and in the Body of Christ with all that that membership secures. It will be seen, also, that there is no strain placed upon those Scriptures, when so interpreted that they harmonize with the passages which declare the safekeeping of Christians. Over against this, the passages asserting security, along with the demands of the doctrines of sovereign election and sovereign grace, can be interpreted in but one way, unless great violence is done to them by the taking from or adding to them of mere human opinions. That Arminians do not discuss them is a significant fact in itself.

With respect to the place the doctrine of security fills in

its relation to other great doctrines, an observing student of Bible teachings will recognize the fact that the Arminian contention does not broaden out to contemplate with any fullness the doctrines of sovereign election and sovereign grace. It is satisfied to present a partial consideration of the doctrine of security; and yet both sovereign election, with its unalterable purpose to bring those whom God has predestinated into eternal glory, and sovereign grace, which answers every requirement that is involved and meets to the point of infinite perfection every issue that can arise in the process of bringing a lost sinner into that glory, are censurably neglected. These two doctrines are supreme and, comparatively, the doctrine of security is no more than a straw floating on the surface of those unplumbed depths of divine reality—sovereign election and sovereign grace. Upon any worthy consideration of these great doctrines, an unprejudiced person will concede that were God to fail in His eternal purpose for even one soul, after ha...

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