The Saving Work of the Triune God -- By: Lewis Sperry Chafer

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 107:427 (Jul 1950)
Article: The Saving Work of the Triune God
Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer

The Saving Work of the Triune God

Lewis Sperry Chafer

A. Deliverance from the Reigning Power of Sin and Human Limitations

I. Deliverance from the Power of Sin

Continuing the contemplation of the seven aspects of salvation, this the fifth has to do with God’s provisions for the believer’s triumph in his daily conflict with the world, the flesh, and the devil. Some anticipation of this general theme has been incorporated into earlier discussions and the theme must reappear for a more exhaustive treatment both in ecclesiology and in pneumatology. Though practically unknown to works dealing with Systematic Theology, that part of salvation which secures deliverance from the threefold source of evil and that part of salvation which secures ability to rise to a God-honoring state of mind and heart and to the realization of every divinely appointed good work—assigned to the first half of this article—are requisite to any complete comprehension of all that God accomplishes in His sovereign purpose to “bring many sons unto glory.”

The problem of the daily life of the believer is vital from various points of consideration, and none more important than that which relates it to the security of the believer. The shallow appraisal which the Arminian system places on that which constitutes salvation leads its advocates to estimate a saved person, though forgiven the sins committed before he was saved, to be himself in no way changed into a new creation, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, or subject to new ideals by which he may live to the glory of God. Were these great provisions recognized and incorporated into that system, its

promoters could evince a more comprehensive understanding of all that enters into the relation which the believer’s daily life and conduct sustain to his perfect salvation and eternal security in Christ. It is well to remember that God foreknows every situation that will arise in any believer’s life. No sin is a surprise to God, and yet He does not hesitate to save those He knows will not be perfect in their walk before Him. Foreseeing what will beset the Christian, He provides not only that he shall not be condemned because of sin, but that he may claim supernatural power through the indwelling Spirit to defeat every foe. This provision of power means much as an undergirding to the doctrine of security, and as assurance that God does not condone sin, nor yet does He fail in any plan or purpose. The greatest importance must be assigned to the fact that God undertakes for the Christian in the sphere of his state, or daily life, as He undertakes for the Christian in the sphere of his standing, or perfect acceptance, forever in Christ.

Having secured ...

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