From the Editor -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 00:0 (Autumn 1987)
Article: From the Editor
Author: Anonymous

From the Editor

We welcome you to the Premiere Issue of Archaeology and Biblical Research. We hope you will profit from reading it, and we are open to your suggestions for improvement. Elsewhere in this issue we lay out our plans for its content.

You may be a little confused by the similarity between our magazine’s title and the name of the organization publishing it. The initials are the same. If you would like information about the Associates for Biblical Research, write and ask for our descriptive brochure.

What kind of research does ABR do? Where science or archaeology seem to conflict with the Bible, we try to resolve the conflict (if it has not already been resolved). Often it has, and people are not aware of it. Many problems were settled long ago in books that have been forgotten. We will remind our readers of this whenever possible in Archaeology and Biblical Research.

But, there is also new research needed. And it is no more evident than in the time of the Exodus and Conquest. For this reason, ABR conducts excavations in Israel seeking to locate the correct sites for Bethel and Ai. We are very encouraged by what we have found in our excavations since 1979. In our next issue we will have an article suggesting a solution to the problems of the archaeology of Ai and the Bible.

Research is also being carried on in connection with the excavations at Jericho and very significant conclusions have been reached. (See Dr. Bryant Wood’s article in this issue.)

Both the results of our own excavations, as well as the results of research on already published sites, will be reported in Archaeology and Biblical Research. And, of course, besides research results, we plan to publish articles which will be helpful for Bible study and even for daily life.

Friends of ABR who want to encourage our research may aid greatly by doing two things: first, become an Associate Member, then continue to renew each year; second, actually join one of our archaeological excavation teams. Associate members will be notified when we will excavate next. Whether trained or inexperienced, we take volunteers to Israel for our dig/tour programs each year. (Due to the expense of an excavation, volunteers are asked to pay their own way when joining the dig staff.)

We are happy to have you read our magazine and welcome your comments. If you would like, send us questions to try to answer.

Our address is: ABR, P. O. Box 31, Willow Grove, PA 19090. I

Archaeology and Biblical Research Welcomed

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