The Romance of Archaelogy -- By: Bob Boyd

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 00:0 (Autumn 1987)
Article: The Romance of Archaelogy
Author: Bob Boyd

The Romance of Archaelogy

Bob Boyda

The subject of archaeology, or the science of archaeology, especially as it relates to the Bible, is a valuable tool in giving to us living messages from a buried past. Our Western minds, ignorant of biblical customs, which are Eastern, find archaeology helpful in illuminating many portions of Scripture. By providing abundant material to fill in backgrounds, archaeological discoveries give us a better perspective of life and events in ancient times. They help also to correct mistaken concepts regarding biblical history, often questioned by critics. The artifacts (or discoveries) which have been resurrected by the pick and spade of the archaeologist have illuminated many passages and have confirmed the historical accuracy of the Word of God.

Too often, this subject is presented in such a manner as to go over the head of the average person. Technical terms and expressions, plus multiple footnotes, cause most people to become bogged down, especially if an “interpreter” or a dictionary must assist.

For years the science of archaeology was as “dead” to me as the name implied, simply because the “grey-beards” of higher learning confined the subject matter to “their” language. While their nomenclature is vital and necessary, this subject can be made interesting when presented in understandable terms. It is difficult for a patient to understand a doctor’s medical terms, but when he is told he has a plain “stomach ache,” the patient readily understands his ailment. Things which are not understood are “dead,” but a simple definition, or explanation, often makes a subject come “alive.”

This, I believe, is one of the purposes of the Associates for Biblical Research’s new magazine, Archaeology and Biblical Research. I appreciate the privilege of submitting an article, and I will look forward to each issue with great interest.

Such a periodical as Archaeology and Biblical Research will take the reader on his own archaeological expedition. You will read of many discoveries which have already been found, information that will delight you as you open your Bible and read with interest as that portion takes on new meaning. You wlll be kept up to date on current discoveries in Bible Lands—something new coming to light almost daily as archaeologists dig up old buried Bible cities.

Sometimes you will be presented with the critic’s view, only to see how their misuse of Scripture is unfair in light of archaeological fact.

With your Bible in hand and a fresh copy of Archaeology and Biblical Research, imag...

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