God And Allah: Are They The Same? -- By: Kevin Staley

Journal: Christian Apologetics Journal
Volume: CAJ 003:1 (Spring 2004)
Article: God And Allah: Are They The Same?
Author: Kevin Staley

God And Allah: Are They The Same?

Kevin Staley


The sale of American flags soared in the wake of the most horrendous assault executed upon our own soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The perpetrators’ objective was clear (the destruction of America), and both rekindled the passion of the citizens of our great nation for their beloved country. The subsequent retaliation by America, directed by President George W. Bush, was overwhelmingly supported by Democrat and Republican alike. Not only did America rise up against this threat of terrorism, but a wide-spread acknowledgement of it and a willingness to cooperate in its eradication spread rapidly around the globe. If this tragedy had been followed by an anemic response, it most likely would have strengthened the efforts of the terrorists, escalated into more numerous attacks, and prevented us from being more watchful in the future.

Similarly, for the past fifty years or more, a dreadful assault has been underway in America against the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the perpetrators’ identity has been as that of a chameleon’s skin, often even appearing as one in the Church. Also, the objectives have been diverse, quite often appearing to have the good of all men in mind. The anemic response from the Church has resulted in a significant increase in

the might of those opposed to the Gospel and has produced a hazy-eyed guard against those endeavoring to eradicate it from our land.

One aspect of the response to the aforementioned tragedy speaks volumes about the status of the Gospel in America. The terrorists who carried out the attacks unashamedly declared the religious motivations for their actions, whereas our publicized response was the brotherhood of all mankind, irrespective of religious affiliation. While this alone sounds noble, a poisonous vine was intertwined with it, namely the unity of all religions regardless of their content. (We have relinquished the exclusivity of our view of God in hopes of achieving unity in our view of man.) Several prominent political and religious figureheads, in their rush to declare Islam a peace loving religion (something that could be quite readily disputed from Islamic literary sources), conceded and/or shared platforms and pulpits with proponents of Islam as if all are equal. Why wasn’t the banner/flag of the Gospel raised in record numbers after September 11th? Why wasn’t the media broadcasting the distinctives of Christianity in contrast to those of Islam? Why didn’t they contrast the inability of Orthodox Christianity to justify such destruction in the name of Christ with the ability of Islam to do so in the name of Allah? Why wasn’t a massive counter strik...

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