Is The Welfare Of Christians And Jews Guaranteed Under Islamic Shari’ah? -- By: Walter Windish

Journal: Christian Apologetics Journal
Volume: CAJ 003:1 (Spring 2004)
Article: Is The Welfare Of Christians And Jews Guaranteed Under Islamic Shari’ah?
Author: Walter Windish

Is The Welfare Of Christians And Jews
Guaranteed Under Islamic Shari’ah?

Walter Windish


Although the popular media continually espouses the politically correct doctrine of tolerance by claiming that the terrorists have taken a peaceful religion and are using it for their own hateful means, closer investigation will show that this statement is not true. Islam is not a peaceful, tolerant religion. In the Qur’an, Islamic tradition, and the life of Muhammad, Muslims find their own justification for killing Christians, Jews, and any other non-Muslims. However, as with any religion or doctrine, we must be careful to separate followers from the beliefs themselves. There are many levels of dedication and belief among followers. The question still remains, what type of behavior is allowed between the Muslim and unbelievers according to the Shari’ah (Islamic Law). This question will be addressed in this article.

There are two recognized “houses” in Islam: The House of Islam (Dar al-Islam) and the House of War (Dar al-harb). Dar al-Islam refers to a land that is ruled by a Muslim government and is therefore under the Holy Law of Islam. Non-Muslims in such a land who recognize the supremacy of Islam are called Zimmis (or Dhimmis) and are allowed to live in Dar al-Islam,

with certain conditions, which will be described below. Any country not under Islamic rule is known as Dar al-harb. Those who live in such a country or territory are known as Harbis.

The Qur’an allows believers much latitude in the name of Islam. “Islam” is the Arabic word for submission or surrender. Muslims say it is Allah’s will to which they are surrendering or submitting, but for those in the House of War, one must surrender to Islam or remain an enemy.

The doctrine of deception is at the heart of the Qur’an and the type of interaction it teaches. Sura 16:106 tells the Muslim that under compulsion it is acceptable to lie (pretend to be something other than Muslim). Pretending to be what one is not is known as Takiya and is allowed under Islamic Shari’ah. Sura 9:1 and 9:3 allow Muslims to dissolve treaty obligations with pagans. A treaty between an Islamic nation and a non- Islamic nation is merely viewed as a truce by Muslims. The three instances when lying is not a sin are 1) with your woman, 2) in espionage, when you are a minority, or to further the cause of Allah, and 3) keeping peace. Such deception is permissible according to the Shari’ah.

A History Of Deception

Early in Islam’s history when Muhammad was in Mecca, he and his followers were greatly outnumbered by Christians, Jews, and pagans. So that his neighbors mig...

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