My Philosophy Of Christian Education -- By: Monroe Parker

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 001:3 (Fall 1958)
Article: My Philosophy Of Christian Education
Author: Monroe Parker

My Philosophy Of Christian Education

Monroe Parker

President Pillsbury C.B. Bible College

In recent months I have heard a great deal about a “Philosophy of Christian Education.” Students, ministers, teachers, and laymen have asked me, “What is your philosophy of Christian Education?” I have answered that it is the Christian philosophy of Christian education. I have said further, “My Philosophy of Christian education is my philosophy of life applied to education. My philosophy of life is based on the verbally inspired and infallible Word of God. It is briefly expressed in the words of Paul, ‘For me to live is Christ’” (Phil. 1:21).

It seems to be the consensus of scholars that the word “education” comes from the Latin word educere which means “to lead out.” Consequently many have thought of education as the leading out, or the drawing out and the development of powers inherent in the student. This concept of education carries the thought of expression.

It is thought by others that the Latin term from which we derive the word “education” is from the first conjugation, the form being educare and has the connotation to nurture or nourish and implies the supplying of food or nourishment. This idea of education carries the thought of impression.

Modern educators have gone overboard on the expressional philosophy of education. A few decades ago the atheistic, behavioristic idea of man permeated the educational sphere. Psychology was just finding its place in the educational world and the humanistic philosophy became popular. Some said, “Man does not have a soul. He does not even have a mind. He has a brain which secretes thought like the liver secretes bile. He is evolving. He has desires. There is nothing wrong with his desires. Let him express himself. Let him do as he pleases.” The Darwinian hypothesis of natural selection and the survival of the fittest which has drenched the world in blood in two global wars was the incubator of the expressional idea of education.

The expressional concept of education prevailed to a great extent between the two great wars and still flourishes in a modified form. The impressional philosophy of education, the older concept which was based on objectives, had been almost forsaken. But since the expressional concept was based on a false premise, the evolutionary hypothesis educators were forced to recognize its failure. And since men have objectives, whether to communize or socialize or democratize the world, a swing back to the impressional philosophy of education was inevitable. The greatest era of brainwashing in history has been since the second world war, Neither the expressional or the i...

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