A Conservative Baptist Ordination -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 001:3 (Fall 1958)
Article: A Conservative Baptist Ordination
Author: Anonymous

A Conservative Baptist Ordination

These Articles of Ordination were adopted Thursday, March 14, 1957, at the Hamilton Square Baptist Church of San Francisco by the messengers of the churches at the Conservative Baptist Association of the San Francisco Bay Area, following work of an Ordination Committee consisting of Robert F. Hakes, Chm., Arno Q. Weniger, Roy H, Austin, and Carl H. Koeker.

General Statements

  1. Ordination is an act of a local churchy not of a privileged class.
  2. Ordination does not communicate power nor does it make a man a minister of Christ or a pastor of a church.
  3. Ordination is simply a recognition of powers previously conferred by God, and a formal authorization, on the part of a church, to exercise these gifts in their midst.
  4. Licensure commends a man to the churches as fitted to preach; ordination commends him as fitted for the pastorate or other recognized work of the gospel (evangelist, missionary, teacher, etc.).
  5. It is not desirable that a man should receive ordination until he has entered upon some definite field of labor.
  6. Laymen should be encouraged to participate in the examination council and also in the ordination service.
  1. No ordination service should be announced until after the examination council has met. In no case should the ordination service be scheduled for the same day as the council.
  2. The ordaining church should take proper care before calling a council. It assumes full responsibility for the entire proceedings. It should see that the candidate is fully qualified and prepared and that all things pertaining to “the examination and ordination are done decently and in order.
  3. Ordination is not a perpetual order. It is valid only so long as the candidate adheres to the doctrine and conduct which were the basis for his ordination.
  4. The council is bound, in all candor, to base its judgment on the present views and practice of the candidate and not on something he proposes to learn, to do, or to become in the future.
  5. The candidate will be expected to be in sympathy with the Biblical, Baptistic, Premillennial, and Separatist idology of the Conservative Baptist Association.

II. Preliminary Arrangements To The Calling Of A Council

  1. The candidate should be a member of the church that ordains him.
  2. The church should formally vote to call an ordaining council.
  3. All churches of its association should be invited by letter. This letter is the letter missive for the convening of the council. It should meet the following requirements:

(1) Be sent by the church, not the candidate.

(2) Be addressed to a church, not a pastor.

(3) Incl...

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