Creation Stands; Evolution Falls -- By: Charles L. Surrett

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 014:1 (Spring 1971)
Article: Creation Stands; Evolution Falls
Author: Charles L. Surrett

Creation Stands; Evolution Falls

Charles L. Surrett

Prepared for the Kathy Sansovini Memorial Scholarship

Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis

Debate is presently ranging among thinking people over the origin of man, and mechanistic scientists have proposed the theory of evolution as a substitute for the Scriptural declaration concerning creation.

One writer describes evolution in this way: “Organic evolution is the progressive development of animals and plants from ancestors of different forms and functions. It is a very slow process, being measured in geological time.” A critic of the theory says, “According to this theory, life arose from the inanimate and all living creatures have descended from the first living thing.”

Tracing back to the origin of matter, a prominent neo-Darwinian offers (halfheartedly) this imaginative solution: “One of the theories is that the atoms were formed from a primordial substance, called the ‘ylem,’ and the inference is that they were formed in a tremendous explosion, which occurred supposedly more than 5 billion years ago. This stupendous event is, then, the beginning of cosmic evolution.”

With such a foundation laid (supposedly), speculation can be made concerning man’s ancient ancestor. “Our evidence today indicates that man’s ancestral stock emerged from the broad mainstream of primate evolution some thirty to thirty-three million years ago with Propliopithecus, a small gibbon-like creature.”

The Biblical doctrine of creation, which credits an infinite God with supernaturally bringing the universe and all species of its inhabitants into existence in a period of six literal days, can be defined in the following way: “By creation we mean that free act of the triune God by which in the beginning for His own glory He made, without the use of preexisting materials, the whole visible and invisible universe.” Further clarification is made by another author. “The distinctive characteristic of Deity, as the Creator, is that He is the cause of the existent universe — cause for its being, not merely of its evolution or present arrangements. The doctrine of His being the Creator implies, that is to say, that He is the real and exclusive Agent in the production of the world.”

Creation according to God’s Word and evolution are mutually exclusive, as is seen by this statement: “If there was a creation, then there was no evolution; if there was evolution, there was no creation.” Another evolutionist states it more specifically, after poisoning the well: “Opponents of the evolutionary doctrine, none of whom is a trained bio...

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