Annotated Bibliography For Gender-Related Books In 2008 -- By: Jeff D. Breeding

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 014:2 (Fall 2009)
Article: Annotated Bibliography For Gender-Related Books In 2008
Author: Jeff D. Breeding

Annotated Bibliography For Gender-Related Books In 2008

Jeff D. Breeding

Contributing Editor

The Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Louisville, Kentucky

In this issue of the journal we profile some of the most significant gender-related books from 2008. Here is a brief reminder about the categories we are using and our intent in using them. Complementarian designates an author who recognizes the full personal equality of the sexes, coupled with an acknowledgment of role distinctions inthe home and church, as articulated in the Danvers Statement (see back cover of JBMW). Egalitarian classifies evangelicals who see undifferentiated equality between men and women—i.e., they see no scriptural warrant for affirming male headship in the home or the church. Under the Non-Evangelical heading, we have classified important secular works that address the subject of biblical gender issues from a religious, albeit, non-evangelical point of view. This category also serves as our classification for liberal scholars wanting to retain some sort of Christian identity. Finally, under the Undeclared heading, we have listed those authors who do not give sufficient indication of their fundamental stance for us to classify them more specifically, or authors whose position is too ambiguous to classify in light of the category descriptions above.


Bond, Douglas. Fathers and Sons., 2 vols. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 2008.

Douglas Bond offers a two-volume set of exhortations for fathers and sons on the task of pursuing biblical manhood, subtitled Stand Fast in the Way of Truth (vol. 1) and Hold Fast in a Broken World (vol. 2). Solidly rooted in Scripture, Bond provides clear application of biblical truth to such topics as leadership, sports, and masculinity. Bond’s intention is to stir up a generation of men who will lead courageously, both in the church and in the home. The chapters are accessible enough for a young man to read, while also providing helpful questions for fathers who wish to distill the truth for young boys. All in all, these two-volumes are a valuable resource for both fathers and sons in the fight to live winsomely as men in a fallen world that is increasingly hostile to biblical teaching on manhood.

Chanski, Mark. Womanly Dominion: More Than a Gentle and Quiet Spirit. Merrick, NY: Calvary, 2008.

In 2004, Chanski released Manly Dominion, which helpfully outlined biblical manhood for both the church and home. In the same respect, Chanski now offers Womanly Dominion, a book designed to help women understand and live out biblical womanhood. Chanski skillfull...

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