Is There A Beating Heart? Matthew 28:18-20 -- By: Stephen Rummage

Journal: Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry
Volume: JBTM 06:2 (Fall 2009)
Article: Is There A Beating Heart? Matthew 28:18-20
Author: Stephen Rummage

Is There A Beating Heart?
Matthew 28:18-20

Stephen Rummage

Dr. Stephen Rummage is Senior Pastor of Bull Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, FL. He has taught preaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Michael Brady was a stuntman for Universal Studios. He specialized in skydiving. Michael was in Benson, Arizona, preparing for a stunt in which he’d parachute onto the top of a moving train. Climbing up the ladder on the side of the train to check some rigging, Michael accidentally fell, hitting his head and dying instantly. Michael’s body was taken to the University Medical Center in Tucson. His heart was placed inside the body of another man – Bill Wohl, who had been kept alive for the previous 159 days by a temporary artificial heart.

The identities of organ donors used to be kept secret from the recipients. Now, after a waiting period, donor networks will facilitate contact between heart transplant patients and surviving family members. So, six months and one day after getting a new heart, Bill Wohl received a letter from Michael Brady’s family with a picture of Michael enclosed. Bill was surprised to find that he had the heart of a 36-year-old Hollywood stuntman.

He said, “I looked at this picture – at this incredibly good-looking, super-fit, super athletic guy – and I thought, are you kidding me? That’s whose heart I’ve got?” Before his heart transplant, Bill Wohl had been a Type-A, overweight, money-obsessed businessman pursuing a jet-setter lifestyle. Today, he works part time, spending most of his new-found energy winning speed and performance medals in swimming, cycling and track.

Recently interviewed by a reporter in his Scottsdale condo, Bill Wohl leaned forward in his chair, glanced up at the bronze, silver, and gold medals he has won, lowered his voice and wondered out loud what has changed him so much. Then Bill said: “Every day, all day, I thank God for Michael Brady. When I ride, when I work out . . . the biggest thing is to honor him.”1

A new heart changed him. I ask you: Is there a beating heart? Is there a beating heart? Is the heart of Jesus Christ beating in you? When the heart of Jesus beats in your

chest, the biggest thing in your life will be to honor Him. When the heart of Jesus beats in your chest, you’ll have the same passion for evangelism that He has.

In Matthew 28, we find the Lord Jesus and His disciples on a mountain in Galilee. Throughout Scripture, mountains wer...

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