An Annotated Bibliography Of The New Testament Teaching About Women -- By: C. E. Cerling, Jr.

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 016:1 (Winter 1973)
Article: An Annotated Bibliography Of The New Testament Teaching About Women
Author: C. E. Cerling, Jr.

An Annotated Bibliography
Of The New Testament Teaching About Women

C. E. Cerling, Jr.

Scales Mound, Illinois 61075

Women’s liberation confronts all Christians with significant problems. The statements of the apostle Paul are frequently cited as a typical example of the male-chauvinist attitude. Paul is thought to be the source of the suppression of women in the Church and in society over the past two thousand years. This bibliography is presented to provide a means of access to the best literature treating the Bible and women. It is an attempt to sift through the flood of materials to find the few works that show signs of serious scholarship and significant thought on this important subject.

Every annotated bibliography is limited by considerations of space and availability of the material under considerations. The principles other than availability limiting this paper are the following: (1) With rare exceptions foreign works are not included. Those few included provide important sources of European bibliography on this subject. (2) Dictionary articles and commentaries on important passages are omitted because they are readily available and logical starting places for the material of this bibliography. (3) Books, articles, and dissertations are included because they make a unique contribution to this field. The contribution may be a high level of scholarship shown in explaining a problem. The contribution may be a unique but worthwhile interpretation. The contribution may be a clear exposition of a particular position. (4) The author attempted to select books whose orientation was more biblical than theological. Needless to say, these criteria are highly subjective and many others may differ with the author’s conclusion about what should be included or excluded.


von Allmen, Jean-Jacques. The Pauline Teachings on Marriage. London: Morehouse, 1963. A semi-popular Catholic survey of the teachings of Paul on marriage worth studying for the over-all coverage.

Allworthy, Thomas Bateson. Women in the Apostolic Church. Cambridge: W. Heffer and Sons, 1917. A critical study of the New Testament evidence of the prominence of women in early Christianity. This is a worthwhile survey.

Baltensweiler, Heinrich. Die Ehe im Neuen Testament. Zurich: Zwingli Verlag, 1967. One of the finest exegetical studies of the title with an excellent Geman bibliography.

Barth, Karl. Church Dogmatics, III-4, trans. G. T. Thomson. Edinburgh: Clark, 1936. This book is included more because of the stature of the author than because of its help as an exegetical study. I...

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